Sunday, January 25


Although the waves are small, the locals give it their all and get some fun.
Photos unedited and are a bit overexposed. I gotta get out there more....

I just saw the funniest thing,,, all the cars were stopped in the road like it was an accident but I didn't hear a crash. I looked and there's this HUGE iguana in the road. The guys get out and are trying to swoosh him off the road by waving with their hands. The iguana's not budging an inch. Then, this guy uses this neon green hoola-hoop to push the iguana off the middle of the road. Funny site but when he connects, the crocodile size iguana shoots forward like a bullet, headed for the open door of a car loaded to the ground full of Ticos (locals). They all screamed and we laughed.
Boy howdy, that would have been REAL funny! The iguana is safe now.
I want a bumper sticker that reads "I BRAKE for Iguanas and All God's Creatures".


TICA MACHA said...

This one's for you, BreeWee and all those people that know these guys that surf my backyard. Macha

BreeWee said...

Oh you made my Sunday!
I just got home from my first race of the season and I just had to rush to check your blog... YOU MADE MY ENTIRE week! Seeing Pelingo and Alberto and Pelingo's room mates meant the world to me!

Thank you a million!
Hope you have a GREAT week... I am so happy right now my smile is hurting my face!