Monday, October 17

Recovering Mia

Remember me? Remember Mia and Armel, well it's been a long road to hold for Miss Mia these last few months. That's partly why I fell out of blogging. I was busy with taking care of Mia for awhile there and taking care of walking my own dogs, too. Mia got real use to seeing my dogs everyday when they were in training with Armel. When we stopped the lessons, Mia continued to come to my house, on her own. I was always happy to see her, of course, which just encouraged her to "escape to here" more often. As luck will do, it ran out and I was home the day the cargo truck hit Mia. Armel was at his house and me at mine when we both heard the bam, bam, bam, bam. Mia bounced under the truck and was tossed to the side for dead. We rushed her to Dr. Wendy in Jaco, both thinking she was taking her last breath on the way. It was severe. Mia did not go into shock and survived due to Dr. Wendy's accurate emergency response. Now, we just had to wait, wait for her to get through the night, and the next night, and the night after. It was a very long wait. A week, in fact, for the inflammation to go down and her to stabilize so the orthopedic surgeon from San Jose could perform the surgery. Mia had to wait. I waited with her, every day.

So, after the surgery, Mia recovered very quickly. She was ready to come home but not her home, mine. She received my total attention while she recovered. Also, my dogs accepted her as part of their pack. Just one big happy family until I went with Armel back to the vet and they said her other leg may have to be amputated. She was not using it and just dragging it along. That bit of bad news was what it took to get us in high gear to get Mia back on all fours. I devised this boot that velcro-ed around her leg and she started lifting her leg instead of dragging it along. Armel did water exercises with her to strengthen her legs.

Today, Mia is walking with a sassy little twist, with both legs (almost). She stays at her house now and things around my house are getting back to normal. Mia still comes to visit Macha. They've become like two peas in a pod.
Photo: My Macha waiting in Mia's bed for her to return.

and Armel,,, he's turned out to be quite the good doggy daddy, still does his surf thing and Mia can tag along with him again now. I am still training my dogs, or at least trying to. We had another family dog fight the other day, first one in years but that's for another post another day.

Life is good.

Pura Vida.