Friday, July 31

Parade of World Surf Teams

It's finally here, The World Surfing Games!!
All the teams have arrived and the competition starts tomorrow. There was a parade today to celebrate the teams from all over the world. It's a big deal here. A REAL big deal. I've been watching them prepare the grounds for the event for weeks and it's the biggest production I have EVER seen around here!

Here's a link to the parade in Jaco today and all the teams on my Flickr photo site or watch the slideshow below:

Thursday, July 16

Necesita gasolina?

This is an inside look through our one and only gas station here in Jaco. I couldn't resist asking the girls if I could take a photo. They struck an instant pose in front of the Montero Sport which is to be given away. The girls were going around to all the cars, giving out numbered tickets for the drawing in October to people purchasing gasoline.

I couldn't help but think of the Bikini Car Wash in Marco Island, Fl that kept cars stacked up to be washed. Those old guys would go down a dusty dirt road just to get their car dirty so they could watch it being washed, AGAIN. The girls made out like bandits and left town, moving their car wash elsewhere. Wonder why they don't have that here? Never mind, I know why.

I took a trip to Parrita and this clown and his VERY LOUD music was coaxing people to come in for some chicken. Costa Rica loves clowns. Seems to be a common site lately, using people to promote sales.

Wednesday, July 15

The Blog and the Postcard Princess

For those that don't know me, this is a joke. For those that do.... where are your comments? It's been days since I've heard from anyone. I promise to stop blogging about MJ and get on with blogging about Costa Rica. My camera lens has been in the shop so I haven't taken many photos lately. The huge swell is gone so photographing the surfers is not that exciting at the moment. Another swell is coming (as always). I have grand plans of getting my butt out there and catching some wave action. Billabong IS COMING!!! They are setting up the whole thing right now, behind my house. INCLUDING HUGE power lines.

If you have a blog, you know it can sometimes wax and/or wane. I would be interested in hearing from you about things you would like to see here. Just hit "comments" and leave a note. Feedback feeds a blog, you know.

The image here was swipped off my new friend's cards at She lives in Malta. Ever hear of it? What a mixture of culture. It's a UNESCO site, also. If you like hearing from people all over the world, get a blog and/or sign up for Postcrossing. It's really interesting to see who sends you postcards.

Thanks Anne Marie in Valletta, Malta for the princess image.

Thursday, July 9

Debts vs. Assets - The MJ Story

Michael's financial folly should be back in the black real quick with all the recent sales of his past releases.
There are hundreds of songs never released he preserved for his children. And then there's Neverland....

O.K. This is it. Back to blogging about CR.

4:00pm Yahoo headline:

Wednesday, July 8

This is it

I guess this is the last of my MJ posting. I'm sure it surprises some people that I love Michael Jackson. Since I was a kid and he was a kid with the Jackson Five, I can sing along to his songs, ALL his songs from the Jackson Five. That style of music came at the right moment in time and in the south, you didn't hear "black music" much then. When the Jackson Five were on The Ed Sullivan Show, I was allowed to buy their 45 record, I'll Be There. I couldn't play it enough. Remember, I'm from the deep, DEEP SOUTH. My dad was like 'Archie Bunker' (All in the Family) to the nth degree. My mom understood and let me play the music I wanted.

Regardless of what people think or say about his 'bigger than life' life,,,
NO ONE CAN DENY, MICHAEL JACKSON is a LEGEND. Watching the programs until late last night gave me solace. A quiet feeling of may he rest in peace now. Why does suffering and greatest artist seem to go together? I truly loved Rev. Al Sharpton speaking directly to Michael's children about their daddy at the memorial. Great sermonlike message. I posted it but it may get taken off like the Man in the Mirror video.

I guess this is it. I am so happy to have lived during the MJ era. I hope time will be kind to his legacy (and his children).


Are you fascinated with numbers?
I am. It's another language and numbers are universal.
It happened twice. 12:34:56, time rolled over to a perfect sequence of numbers for today (7/8/09).

Tuesday, July 7

Farewell to Michael

I watched it, all of it and I recorded it. The Michael Jackson Memorial ceremony was one to be remembered.
What a great tribute to "the greatest entertainer that ever lived", a quote from Motown Berry Gordy.

TeriTunes is playing - "I'll Be There"

Sunday, July 5

Surf Sunday

Beautiful Hermosa on a clear day. Photo taken with a crappy camera. It's hard to mess up this view!!

Playing on TeriTunes, Young Rascals - "It's a Beautiful Morning"

No worries, be happy -

Saturday, July 4

Man In the Mirror

"If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and then make that change".
This is one of the most powerful of his songs for me and my life.
Make that change. For me, it was coming to Costa Rica and changing the way I see things in life.
Happy Fourth of July to the United States of the Americas.
Costa Rica celebrates Día de Independencia on my birthday.

Guess you know by now to pause TeriTunes to watch the videos....

They Don't Care About Us

I can relate to this song living in a foreign country. I can relate to this song seeing what is going on in the world today.

The Earth Song

There are many videos on the Earth Song but this one is the most dramatic, having no music.

Friday, July 3

"This Is It" Tour

Don't you miss Michael Jackson? I know we haven't seen much of him lately but his music is rooted deeply in our minds and hearts. Michael Jackson broke new grounds for upcoming entertainers and inspired the world. Michael Jackson's music transcends generations.

Of course, it's all over t.v., the good and the bad, but whatever they say, they can't take away his music, his innovative dance moves, or his total stage presence. There is no other one like Michael Jackson and there will never be again. He was a gift to us.

I miss him but his music (and dance moves) will live on forever. I guess this was it for him.
Michael's legend lives on.

Check out this link for his music videos: