Wednesday, April 30


Doesn't this scene of the alamandra (almond) trees look like autumn? We have only two seasons here, summer and winter (aka wet and dry). Being a native of S.W. Florida, I am used to the heat that comes with the summertime. Believe me when I say, I had no idea how hot hot could be. Here, it is so hot and dry right now that the leaves dry out on the trees and fall to the ground. It is SO HOT, the ground dries out and cracks, leaving the soil like rock. It's SOOOO HOT that you can stand still and break out in a sweat.
Even your eyelids sweat. It's HOT!

Now, we are on the verge of the mini-summer (a little rain) coming and the humidity is NOTHING like I experienced growing up in Florida. I really never paid much attention to barometric pressure before living here. You can feel the rain coming. It's been threatening for days but no relief yet. Every year I can't wait for the rains to stop but the truth be told, now, I can't wait for the rains to come again. It's really hot now where I live. It's not the same all over Costa Rica. The mountain areas are much cooler and the Guanacaste area is much dryer, if that's possible.

Rain?? "Bring it on."

More Surf Photos

Did you know you can search this blog? It's at the top left, "search".
Whatever word you used for the search will bring up all the posts containing that word. Isn't that cool?

Monday, April 28


More photos here at

Photos from the surf competition this past weekend at Playa Hermosa/Terraza Hotel.

Saturday, April 26

Surf Grand Final CNS

Yesterday and today is the 8th Costa Rican National Surf Circuit (CNS) in Playa Hermosa at Terraza del Pacifico. Lots of people turned out on the beach to watch this special event. I was there and can attest that it's HOT. Both the surfers and the weather. Great day yesterday and today will probably be even better!!
More photos to come. I spent most of the time talking yesterday to my friend, Mike, from
Check here on to see a few photos from yesterday.

Thursday, April 24


There are three kinds of taxis in Costa Rica. The airport taxis which are comparable to Indy 500 drivers. They get you were you want to go FAST. The cars are the color of orange-red and say airport taxi. Get out of the way of these orange-red airport taxi cars and mini-vans, they are SERIOUS drivers.
The second is the regular taxi which is red-red (see photo in next post). They are everywhere in Costa Rica and will take you anywhere in Costa Rica. Mostly, they are used locally. All drivers have a taxi i.d. and are insured. Both types of forementioned taxis have license plate numbers that match the numbers on the side of the taxi. Something I just learned.
The third "taxi" is a pirate taxi. That's the guy that transports people but it's on his own, in his own car. It's not legal for them to collect fares but they do give a great service to the locals. Of course, you travel with them at your own risk. Hell, with any of them... it's at your own risk in Costa Rica.
There is NO EXCUSE to drive drunk in Costa Rica (or anywhere for that matter).
You may want to check the taxi driver though and see if he might be a little tipsy or high.
"Paradise by Dashboard Lights" - Meatloaf, is dedicated to my old friend Kim.
She absolutely ROCKS when she does her performance of this song. It's been a long time since I've seen that but I still think about her when I hear this song. It seemed to come to mind when I posted Taxi. Used to, I'd arrive late at the SJO airport and that's what I would see of the Coast - Paradise by Dashboard Lights (half-loaded on Pilsen). :)
Kim and her hunky husband may end up living in Costa Rica YET! Watch out Dominical!

Wednesday, April 23

Street scene in Orotina

No, I haven't been to Orotina recently, I'm just posting photos 'cause I know people check my blog for photos. I like Orotina. It's like a typical Tico town. The church is in the central part of town with a big park in front.
People are nice there, and friendly.
A train track runs through it. I like that.

Sunday, April 20

Sunset Sunday

This was taken down around Esterillos awhile back. Just love it, reminds me of the feeling of home,
'cow country', here or there. (I RARELY eat beef anymore).
"Freebird" - requested by Beth and my all time favorite, too!
The more congested it gets here, the less FREEDOM we have.
Nature? Well, it doesn't stand a chance against development.

Saturday, April 19

Early Morning Playa Hermosa

I had my first photo published in a CR magazine/newspaper, with credit. I haven't seen it yet so I'm not sure. It's new.
This isn't it. This is this morning at "my" beach.
"Blue skies, nothing but blue skies do I see."
I guess you know who's going on Teri Tunes next! Here comes Willie!


That's how they say it here, "Co-ca". I used to collect Coca-Cola stuff. This photo was taken June 2002 and today, that little Coke building is gone. It was located by the Police station on the beach and added a little charm to Jaco Beach.

This photo is the same as the following photo of the "servicio" but this one was taken in 2002. I have so many photos, I rarely see the old ones unless they flash up on my screensaver.

Friday, April 18

Cultural Contrast

Here in Jaco on Friday, the buses roll in, depositing beachgoers from all over Costa Rica. Some stay for the weekend and others for the day. They still camp on the beaches but slowly, they are being pushed out by new development.
The photo is a place where those can shower and use the bathroom for a small fee. One dollar is around c500 (colones). To the right in the photo is a massage booth set up. This location is central Jaco down from the Police station located on beachfront property. Yes, soon the Police station will be relocated, too. Beachfront is just too valuable. This photo was taken last month. When I look back on my photos over the years of Jaco, I wonder... just when did it change and where did it go?
I saw the change in Southwest Florida and the Everglades. That's why I moved here.
Back to nature and back to the basics. "If you love Costa Rica, don't tell anyone."

Tuesday, April 15

Sunday, April 13

Sunrise Sunday

The following was sent to me by a "Yo-Yo" reader...
"To Teri,
A gentle breeze caresses her face, as it flows on endlessly- Leaving behind a touch of nature, as it continues thru infinity. And as a white cloud drifting high overhead stands out in a sky of blue-
She's captivated within it's beauty, while standing in the morning dew.
She hears a choir singing, as she looks up within the trees-
And views a host of birds, who appear to be singing happily,
Then as her eyes slowly wander, across a field of green-
She find herself inwardly captured, within this moment serene.
She hears a babbling brook, secured somewhere from her view-
And as she walks an unbroken path, her mind brings forth thoughts anew,
For as she takes in these wonders, that surly before her do unfold-
She encounters within a lifetime of memories, stories yet to be told.
She slowly turns around, and her mind willingly apprehends-
That when one beauty of nature fades, another one begins,
For all of these things she beholds, when darkness fades from sight-
And finds herself standing alone, In the early morning light.

She's captured natures purest moments, it's innocents you see-
And shows the world the glory, in something wild, and something free.
Her labor goes unpaid, but the benefits we reap,
She's usually out there stalking, while we are all asleep.

I hope this brings a tear to your eye, then we can say we got ya,
That is why we've come to love, the one called Tica Macha.

Are you smiling? I hope so.

"Amazing Grace" is today's song, sung by Elvis - One of my mom's favorites.
We took a trip to Graceland before she died. One of the only times I can remember, just me and mom.
Photos are not retouched. This is the "puro" sunrise. I hope it inspires you, too.

Saturday, April 12

"So Far Away"

I have taken to sleeping with my eastside curtains open so I can see when the sun is coming up. The birds give me a little nudge with their morning greetings but it is so soft and sweet, it doesn't really wake me. The bright sun, however, usually does.
This morning I was up in a panic at 5:30. I looked out the window and the sky was aglow in red! I got my SSS on (shorts, shirt and shoes) and beat feet to the beach just after it turned from glow red to blue. I was about two minutes too late. I guess I could have ran but I was holding onto my coffee and wearing flip-flops with my eyes half-opened. Not a good combo for sunrise chasing. Oh well, mañana, there's always tomorrow (we think).

I did stop on the way back to get a photo of these wonderful guanabana fruits growing in a tree near my house. They are HUGE and cause the branch limbs to bend with their weight. If you've never tried one, you must. They are delicious.

This song is dedicated to my family and friends "so far away".
Thanks for calling me John. I love you and Alfie and your mom.
To my sister Sulie, may God be with you and your family in your time of need.
"It would be so fine to see your face at my door."

Friday, April 11

"Up with the Sun"

I've been getting up real early trying to get that orange sunrise again and guess what, it's not there. Luck goes a long way in photography. What I did get on one blue morning was a great reflection of the trees at my beach.
This photo is upside down. Can you tell? Looks like a dream.
Guess I just can't stay away from blogging, huh?.
I do it for the photos. You know, they beg me to be shared.

Food for thought: I wanted to calculate approximately how many days it's been since I came into existence. I came up with around 19,100 days I've been alive. That's a lot of days. If someone told me that my days were numbered and I had 19,101 days to live, would today and tomorrow be any different? Would yours?

Thursday, April 10

Hello, It's me....

"Hello, it's me
I've thought about us for a long, long time
Maybe I think too much but something's wrong
There's something here that doesn't last too long
Maybe I shouldn't think of you as mine "...
(Isley Brothers)
... oh, that's another song floating around in my mind from WAY BACK.
I missed my "presence" here in the blogosphere and wanted to post this jazzed photo of Pelingo I've been playing with in Photoshop.... and to play with the music newly installed on my blog. No comments so far about it or not?

Recently, a complete stranger from CA and his girlfriend came for a visit to Jaco. We "spoke" via Internet. Stefan and Lilly brought to me Photoshop 5 so now I have TWO Photoshop programs. Peggy, my hometown friend, gifted me Photoshop Elements 6 when she was here visiting me a little bit ago. I am in Photoshop heaven. Thanks guys, this and "A New Earth" has changed my world. And the fact that my local cable company DROPPED CNBC station. That's my lifeline for the stock market and news. Oh well, PURA VIDA, I don't watch t.v. in the day anymore (except Oprah). I did suffer withdrawals at first but I'm learning to live without CNBC or face the possibilities of moving. NOT. I always said I couldn't live here without CNBC, well, I know different now. I will live without it and I will live better. More time better spent.
Remember,,, Change or be Changed?

Wednesday, April 9

Teri Tunes

I'm still here. I added a new feature on the sidebar - MUSIC.
You can click onto the song you want to hear. That's too cool.
Blogging is a hard habit to break.

Thursday, April 3

'Live Bullet'

Same photo polarized in Photoshop. Cool, huh?
How could I leave without a song?. A Bob Seger melody. Music is always in my head. Helps me not 'to think' so much. Now, it's on my "Yo-Yo" sidebar. "Turn it up".
The version of "Travelin Man" and "Beautiful Loser" TOGETHER is such a classic.
As in the song, I was 'up with the sun' taking photos this morning and it was wonderful. NO PEOPLE on the beach and the lighting was awesome.
Keep a song in your heart and a spring in your step and you'll be just fine.
And don't forget,,, Come back and see me sometime.
PurrA Vida!!

I still check for comments from nice people...

Wednesday, April 2

This is me...

This was sent in by a reader and was so great, I am posting here. Wait for it to download and enjoy.
My diamonds are here, in me.

And this is where I'll be ... somewhere off taking photos and living the good life.
I plan to learn Photoshop, Spanish, teach some photo/computer classes, get fit, locate a mate, and develop my awareness of Presence. Oh yea, get back in touch with my creative self.
Feel free to write me at
and do read back over the 380 posts I've written.
For those of you that subscribe, don't be startled by the number of messages you get at one time. I went back and published all the drafts I had left behind.

It all started with something to do during the rainy season back in 2006.....
This "Yo-Yo" blog isn't going anywhere, it's just taking a little sabatical.


Tuesday, April 1

Holy Cow

There's a cow parade going on in the San Jose. For more photos from Erin at go to this photo page at Flickr. Here's the cow parade story. These cows are OUTSTANDING!!


"That's all Folks!!" (I'm taking a break from blogging)
I thought I would just stop posting but it seems my blog has a life of it's own (in my mind). I'm always thinking "this would be great for a blog". Wears you down after awhile. I want to concentrate on my Awareness. (go to - "A New Earth". I'm taking the classes and doing the workstudy for a better Life.