Thursday, January 29

Win $50,000

Do you have a Dream Photographic Assignment? I saw this on a newsletter I receive from Digital Photography School. They've partnered with Lenovo for this assignment and competition - "The Name Your Dream Assignment".

You can win a $50,000 cash award (to make your dream assignment a reality) plus lots of goodies including a Lenovo ThinkPad W700 notebook computer with Windows Vista, specially designed for photographers.

Submit Your Dream Assignment
The Name Your Dream Assignment organizers are inviting anyone to submit an idea for a never-done-before photo shoot. Everyone will have a chance to vote on their favorite idea, and a panel of judges will select from the top 20 most creative and inspiring suggestions.

Register for Further Details
The competition starts on 3rd March but in the mean time you can head to the Name Your Dream Assignment page to register your name and email address to get updates and information on full competition details and a reminder of when the competition opens.

Tuesday, January 20

The Inauguration of Barack Obama

All the world's eyes are watching the United States right now. I've got on LIVE CNN and watching the coverage as it unfolds.
What a day in history
THIS DAY will be.
God Bless America

Twelve hours later....
I don't know why but I recorded the whole thing. I was even taking photos of my t.v. at different times. Truly an eventful day. The best part to me was "The First Dance" by President Obama and the First Lady at the Neighborhood Ball.
All four DVDs are finalized and I have captured history... and it was entertaining.

In this day of instant communication, I'm sure more people watched than any other inauguration in history. The coolest thing is "The Moment" on It's a photo composite of THOUSANDS of photos.

Monday, January 19


I GOT MAIL!!!!! (Where I'm from, that's perfectly acceptable 'grammer')
YEPPERS!! I got mail. AND you'll never guess from WHOM.
BreeWee in Hawaii!!

I rented a postal box when I first moved here thinking I would need it. Well, as it turns out, I never get mail (except from the U.S. bank). I've considered subleasing my APDO. (P.O. Box) since they have a limited number of boxes and none are available now. It's the best deal in town. $3. or so for a year. I keep my box and check it faithfully about once a month. You can imagine my surprise to see I had a white slip in my box when I checked in to pay for this year. That means "PACKAGE" or sign for something. When the girl brought out a PACKAGE, I started jumping up and down. I'm sure she thought "crazy gringa" or maybe I had won a lotto. I remembered Bree mentioned she would send me some songs. Lots of people say lots of things and sometimes they happen, sometimes not. I don't have many expectations these days. THAT is why I did the dance of joy, right there in the post office, when I saw she really DID send something. I waited to get in my car before opening it and had to listen to the first song "I'm Yours" before I could get turned around and leave. I am totally thrilled. NEW MUSIC!! COOL ISLAND SOUND music to boot! I lived in Oahu back in the early 80's and to this day, I still love going back in my mind to "my happy place". Music sends me. Thank you Bree. How could you know I have always wanted to read about Mother Teresa? The chocolates, well, be still my heart.
Typically, when I get something new,,, I won't use it for awhile. Don't ask me why. I fired up that candle as soon as I got home and could smell the Hawaiian ocean breeze. Now that's special. I am saving the cool note cards, though.
I must mention on the second cd is a remix rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", one of my all time favorite songs, but this version is with a tropical sway and beat with "What a Wonderful Life" mixed in. Muchos Mahalo BreeWee.

Teri Tunes: "I'm Yours" may just be Yo-Yo's theme song for this year.
So, "Get use to it".
Search anything on Yo-Yo - Upper left on blog.

Sunday, January 18


Theses photos are from the earthquake of January 8th, 2009. Mike at sent them to me and he obtained them from the Observatorio Vulcanologico y Sismologico de Costa Rica - OVSICORI-UNA. Thanks Mike.

Saturday, January 17

Crossing the Street in Costa Rica

Sorry about both sound tracks going at the same time, just turn it down and watch.

Crossing the street in Costa Rica from Peter Krupa on Vimeo.

If you've never tried crossing the street in a big town in CR, you won't appreciate this like we do. "Jay-walking" pretty much doesn't exist in Jaco. We don't have any four-way intersections. I couldn't think of a one. All the main streets end in a "T" or go to no where. We don't have crosswalks because we don't have red lights. I grew up in a town with no red lights and then later when I was in college, they got one real bright red light. You could see it for five miles from Felda coming down HWY 29. In Jaco, people cross the street anywhere, anytime. I doubt jaywalking will be enforced or even recognized.

Note: The Transito Police are enforcing having your Marchamo (car tax) sticker for 2009. I saw the stake-out with the tow truck on the Hermosa-Jaco road recently.

Thursday, January 15

TEMBLOR - a week later...

I have since changed my mind about preferring earthquakes to hurricanes. I'll take something I can run from any day over an earthquake (or a volcanic eruption). It didn't effect the Jaco area but other parts of Costa Rica, in the provinces of Alajuela, Heredia, Cartago and San José, weren't so fortunate. Check out The REAL Costa Rica blog:

Monday, January 12

Surf Inn Hermosa

Sunday was the Grand Opening of Surf Inn Hermosa and everyone turned out for the tour and garden party. Live music, food and drinks were everywhere. Christina Truitt, the owner of Surf Inn Hermosa, helped form the local Chamber of Commerce in Jaco and has been instrumental in organizing many group efforts to improve the communities in Hermosa, Jaco, and Herradura.

Surf Inn Hermosa is beautiful inside and out. Three levels with the full service restaurant and kitchen on the third floor. The expansive view of Hermosa Beach from the restaurant is breathtaking. A real MUST SEE! There are five units available for rent by the night or week, four units have one bedroom/one bath and one unit, beachfront on the ground level, has two bedrooms and two baths. They are modern, spacious, and gorgeous. There is also a pool cleverly positioned within the structure. The complete project is absolutely awesome and I am so happy for Christina that her dream is coming true. Surf Inn Hermosa is sure to be the landmark for Hermosa and a fun gathering place.

Surf Inn Hermosa - 506-2643-7184
Check out Surf Inn Hermosa website for more info:

Saturday, January 10


Yes, it's all in caps because when you have felt one, you can feel the fear when the just the word "TERREMOTO" is heard. Trill the r's. Emphasis Moto. It's a powerful word when you know what it means. My dictionary says it's pronounced "tayRaymóhtoh".
Speaking Southern, it comes out more like tar-r-ra mota.

Luckily, we only felt a slight shimmer here in my area but what happened in other parts of Costa Rica, well, I'll let Sally at tell you about it. Great coverage at her site.

I've put a lot of thought into whether I would rather live with Mother Nature's hurricanes or her earthquakes and I long ago decided, I'd rather take my chances with an earthquake. I've lived through hurricanes. Yes, you have warning but I think a TERREMOTO is over fast and with no warning, there's no anxiety (except for the fear of aftershocks and volcanoes blowing).
Pura Vida.

My heart goes out to those suffering now from Thursday's TERREMOTO. Of course you know, if you live here you can take food, water, and money to the Red Cross to help.

SIDEBAR on my blog - Check out "Shake, Rattle and Roll" for updates on earthquakes here and around the world. I'm 'Miss Chicken Little' so I check this often.
Search (upper left corner on my blog) "earthquakes" for past posts on the subject or click here.

Friday, January 9

Best Life - Your Money

I have thoroughly enjoyed Oprah this week. Suze Orman was on yesterday and is offering her new book for free online at You don't have to do a thing but click "save" at this direct link: It took about 3 seconds to download at my really slow internet speed. It's in Spanish, too (go to
Suze will be on the web cast next Thursday night. In fact, all next week Oprah will cover each day's topic every night for a week online. It should be great!
Friday's show is about sex, can't miss THAT! In Jaco/Hermosa, Oprah comes on at 3:00 p.m. on channel 22 (CBS).

Tuesday, January 6

'Best Life Week'

Those that read my blog, know I love Oprah. She's REAL and I admire her for bringing the consciousness OF THE WORLD together with her web cast, t.v. show and radio show, just to mention a few.

This week, it is all about YOUR BEST LIFE. I meant to mention this last week about the shows coming on this week and yesterday, Oprah had a VERY frank talk about her weight gain and "balance" being absent in her life. Duh, the girl works 16 hour days! It was a great kick-off show to her week long series. She did the "Best Life" last year and it was great. Next Monday night, she is having a web cast with Bob Green (I think), anyway, it should be great if you want to learn how to get healthy. THIS THURSDAY, Suze Orman will be on the show and you will be able to download her new book for free. Even Suze, when interviewed, said don't buy the book, wait for the Oprah show!

I don't know why but now Oprah comes on channel 22 (CBS) instead of 23 (ABC) in my area. CBS is also broadcasting the news from South Florida (Miami area). I love it. Finally, I can see what is going on around where I used to live. Makes me a little homesick though.

If you'd like to check out this week's shows on Oprah, go to and it's all there.
It's your life, go for best.

Thursday, January 1

Happy NEW Year

What a great way to start off the new year. Bright and early, taking a group shot of the surfers down in Esterillos Oeste. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Music playing now is Jason Mraz - "I'm Yours" GREAAAAT little happy SONG!
I heard it again at Los Amigos the other day but I first heard it on Bree's site.
(Thanks BreeWee in Hawaii)