Thursday, January 31

First Steps

Isn't it the truth? Sometimes the first steps are the hardest and then after awhile, it's just routine. These photos are from when I first purchased my house and Brindy (from Naples) had her first litter. The stairs were the biggest challenge. It wasn't long before they were running up and down them.
Awhile back I blogged about what I know about Pura Vida, I learned from my dogs. It's still true.

Wednesday, January 30

Horses don't forget

Behind this billboard is where these horses used to graze. At one time, it was probably their pasture. They remember and they still return walking through the streets of Jaco to get to their spot that is now gone.

Tuesday, January 29

Hummingbird nesting

I got lucky with this shot. Rarely do I see Hummingbirds nest so low to the ground.

Monday, January 28

Jaco - Before the BOOM

Photo taken in 2004. It's not the same Jaco anymore. Think "Jacopulco".
I'll always remember my little "found paradise" just like this.

Sunday, January 27

Now What

I have been stricken with 'Blogger's Block'.
The last photo was taken in 2002 and the other top three in 2003.
I'm digging here for material. (just kidding)

Wednesday, January 23

Out my Backyard

Today's surf: these waves look small but they are fast!
Pelingo was ripping them.

Home Sweet Home

I don't know why but I got stuck on viewing photos on Webshots this morning of the Everglades. I'm from around that area and I remember the Everglades before it was a tourist attraction. I used to fish down there off the little flat bottom bass boat my dad left me, the backwaters filled with gators in Chokoloskee, chomp chomp.

I remember once fishing in Chokoloskee, in the middle of the night, for snook when my partner hooked something big, really big. I went for the net and flashlight only to turn and see a big white open mouth with big teeth almost in the boat (the boat sat low in the water). It was one pissed off GATOR! He burnt the line with his cigarette and the gator swam away, only to watch us from a distance. His eyes shown red in the spotlight. That was my last all night fish trip in the Everglades. I did learn one thing, when the fish AREN'T biting, a diehard "reelman" thinks (hopes) they will "turn on" any second. Heaven help you if they do finally TURN ON, you'll be there for more hours! That's why I was there, in the middle of nowhere at three in the morning.

I retired my boat from fishing after the gator incident and it became a mobile tanning bed for me and my girlfriends, 'The Bass Boat Babes'. We ruled the Snook Inn in Marco Island and Keywaydeen Island near Naples. We didn't know beans about the channel markers in the water and quickly became the 'Sandbar Queens'. It's a wonder we ever survived it all. We were "Wild On" before "Wild On" was on.

Maybe I'm a little homesick for the flat lands, cypress heads, swamp buggies, and all those things I associate with "home". I can get lost in the memories the photographs of Clyde Butcher portray. He shoots black and white and I remember Clyde from WAY BACK WHEN.

There's no point to this post except to say I need to get inspired (i.e. get off my ass) and take photos of Costa Rica for those that cherish their memories here, like I cherish my memories there, in The Everglades.

(photo not mine - swiped off Webshots)
BTW: The stock market will definitely suck today so I'm off to take new photos.

Tuesday, January 22

"The sky is falling"

Well, maybe not the "sky" but surely the stock market is going on a free-fall.
I can't watch.

The above was written before the Federal Reserve came out with the too little too late 3/4 point cut. The market bounced back but even being a novice at this, I can see a dead cat bounce when I see one. Hang on. We still aren't at bargain basement prices and earnings are coming out this week. holy moly

"And that's all I have to say about that."

Monday, January 21

Cadbury Gorilla

Nope, I got nothing to post. Just checking out stupid stuff and seeing if I can download to blog. It has been some chore setting up my new computer.

Sunday, January 20

Sunset Sunday

Thank you all for helping me decide which photos to select for upcoming exhibition.

Wednesday, January 16

Pave Paradise

Put up a Casino! Take a good look, it won't be like this for long. If you enlarge the photo, you will see the tin sheets walling in the future home of a major development. A project that will definitely influence that area of Jaco beach. Before, that area was a home to the homeless. "The Palms", as it is known to the locals, was a "shady" area in the heart of Jaco. Now, there is "no camping" on the beach there so people sleep wherever they can feel safe. You live here long enough, you do recognize "these people" and wonder how they became societies "throw-aways". As far as I know, there is no support for the homeless.

I happened to be out early this morning. Six a.m., I was in the heart of Jaco for the photo session for a photography class I took yesterday. It was presented by David Fulton and was such a treat. It was nice to meet others with the same interest. BECAUSE I was on the Jaco strip so early, I saw things I don't normally see in the later hours. Jaco. It's growing so fast, I hope they remember to provide something for those they displace. Like this guy. That's his beach.

Tuesday, January 15


Do any of you recognize this plant? I have one and would love to learn more about it. If you know, please leave a comment or write me at

Monday, January 14


During the "festivities" around here (i.e., Christmas and New Years recently), it felt like I was in earshot of a war zone. The "fireworks" were also during the day and the loud explosion had all my dogs living under the bed. It was so cute, all their upper bodies fit underneath but their tails were sticking out. I thought I was going to have to buy doggy downers for all of us.... but we survived with just our nerves rattled.
I got curious as to what this cannon looked like so I walked next door to check it out. A cannon is the only thing I could figure that would make this huge explosive sound. Come to find out, it is packaged TNT, yes, DYNAMITE! They bought it in Cartago and from the sound of things, they bought A LOT of it! There was no rhyme or reason as to when they would set it off either. They drop it in the tube in the ground and light the fuse.
Ka-BOOM! Such a sonic explosion that my windows would rattle. Plus, it scared the pajeebees out of me.
So glad THAT'S over (for now).

Saturday, January 12

The Iguana Tease

This is the same iguana that I photographed yesterday (photos below) except today, he is on the other side of the yard, hanging out on top of the fence post, basking in the sun, and tantalizing the hell out of my dogs. I call him "Chinga". You can tell he knows just how high to be to stay out of the dog's reach. He's been there for hours today and why does he tease the dogs, because he can.

Given a little more effort, Max (photo on right) may just reach him. I call Max my "tree climbing dog". I let the dogs harass the iguana in shifts, otherwise, they want to fight over him. Mela (left photo) could outrun Chinga but she's not a strong jumper. Since I cut back Chinga's favorite tree, I think the dogs roused him out of the pile of yard cuttings he has taken on as his new home.

GOOD Morning

Mornings start early around here. At 5:05 a.m. starts the first rooster. The other birds start their day chirping, shortly after. Around 6:30 a.m. the workers begin and by 7, everything is in full swing. Anybody that has ever lived here knows, mornings are the most magical time... and late afternoon. I'm grateful for the wake-up calls from nature.

This iguana has probably visited inside my fence and escaped from my dogs without losing more than a tail. Check out his new tail. I can't begin to count how many iguanas I have rescued and released. I am not afraid of them anymore. They love to eat the flowers (hibiscus/amapola) and also, the nuts in my tree (almond/alamandra). Getting up the tree is a trick with the dogs around. I watched and observed an iguana wait for the dogs to come inside and then he scurried up the tree.

Click onto to photo to enlarge to get the full effect.
There's all types of iguanas and now I'm looking for the big ones with the orange markings.

Friday, January 11

Sodas in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, a soda is typically a family owned restaurant and sells typical Tico food. It's their version of fast food. Every soda offers a casado. It's a meal consisting of a meat (chicken, beef, pork, or fish), rice and beans (always) and other stuff on the side like fried plantains, boiled egg, shredded cabbage, sometimes mashed potatoes (yes, with the rice), a sliced tomato... whatever they have on hand and what's in season. "Casado" is also associated with marriage (casar - to marry). To be imprisoned is a similar word so they must associate eating good with being married and married to being in prison. The Spanish word for wives is esposas but "handcuff" translated to Spanish is esposas, too. It's all connected somehow. Regardless, every soda in Costa Rica serves casados.

In Jaco, I have watched while many sodas are being torn down. The land is more valuable than the business, I guess. These photos were taken in Orotina. This soda is next to the central park. It is very typical for there to be many sodas in the center of town. Usually, it's the walk-in and sit down restaurant style but many (as in photo), just offer a seat at the counter. Many sodas still cook their beans on an open fire out in the back. Of course, the kitchen is open air with the only cooling system being a fan and 'maybe' a heat exhaust over the gas burners used for cooking. It's also common for these sodas to have a common place outside for all to wash their hands. Just the basics, sink and water.
Notice that this soda in Orotina charges c1000 for a casado and a drink. That's about two bucks.
You can't beat that for a real meal!

In Costa Rica, they add "ito" or "ita" (male or female) to words to make them cute-sy or imply that it is small. I wonder if "Sodita" is a word? (so-dee-tah)
That's what I would call the "sit at the counter" sodas since they are so small (and quaint).

Thursday, January 10

My Town

Playa Hermosa, it means beautiful beach. It's just a little strip of paradise that runs along the beach and it is a surf haven to some. I have watched it grow with new hotels and houses springing up right next to me... and more planned developments for the future. One day, I will be able to walk across the street to the grocery store in the new 'plaza'. It's all "in the plan". I believe it will happen because all I have seen (and heard) for the past five years is construction.

Early, early this morning, my friend Oscar, took me up the mountain to the section of the canopy tour where the monkeys hang out. It's high up in the Chiclets Trees and the fruit was hanging everywhere. Chewing gum is made from the fruit of the Chiclets trees. Inside is a sticky powder. I guess monkeys like it. We walked across suspended bridges and passed breathtaking views but we didn't see any monkeys.

Every now and then, I check my site meter to see where people are viewing my blog from. It never ceases to amaze me how far reaching a little blog can be.
For those folks in ICELAND, I promise to deliver better photos... (and for all y'all, too, wherever you may be)
I only had my telephoto with me today for monkey shots.

Wednesday, January 9

Shoes and Boobs

I recently went shopping in Orotina. It's about 30 minutes north, up the mountain, from Jaco. I was amused by a mannequin they had on display in one of the shops. It resembles some of the girls I see walking around Jaco. They look like they might fall on their face with being so top heavy and walking with the spiked high heels. Just an observation.
Then, I saw this photo of 'Posh' Spice. Maybe she shopped CR for her boobs and shoes. She did make it to the top of Blackwell's "worst dressed" list.

BTW: These shoes are fairly normal. I'll have to get a photo of real high-heeled shoes in Jaco. I don't know how they walk in them...

Tuesday, January 8

White-faced Monkeys

'Muy escondido' (very hidden). I was so surprised to see a family of White-faced monkeys in the wooded area, by the river, right in front of my house. I was taking the dogs for a walk and noticed the movement in the trees. I went back to get my camera and of course, they had moved on except for this one that stayed behind. He was curious of me until my flash went off and then he was gone,,, back up high in the trees and towards the mountain. I see Lapas, I see Toucans but rarely do I see these gorgeous guys. I will be looking for them now.
I apologize for the quality of these photos. Technical difficulties.... :(

BTW: The Lapas are still here and judging by all their squawking, I think they are mating.

Wednesday, January 2

The Lapas

It all started the day before Christmas. I was out in the shallow river by the beach, reclining in my beach chair when a flock of Red Scarlet Macaws moved in. They "played" in the trees, doing a musical chair routine. Lots of "talking" but not much squawking. After a long bit, they flew off, two by two. There were about 12 that day. Since then, they've been around everyday, flying from the different almond trees beside my house and down at the beach. If you have never seen these magnificent parrots in a natural setting, here are some photos for you.

Happy New Year to All