Wednesday, April 14


It's been a long time coming but thanks to Carol for selling me her a/c cheap, I now have a/c in my converted "guest room" to office/studio!! This is a photo of the guys working to install it last week. I got all excited when I opened the door where they were working and saw FIRE!! The unit works beautifully! When you pass through into my newly air coniditioned room,,, it feels like HOME.

I've tried to adapt by not using air-conditioning for years now but during this time of year, it has become unbareable. And then there are the rainy months coming when stuff stays damp so having an a/c to dry out all my computer junk will probably save me tons in replacments!

Note the bandana around his neck.... it has ice inside of a plastic bag to keep him cool while he works. It has been so hot here, I make these ice packs for workers.

Woke up to rain this morning, April showers are here!!

Monday, April 12

How HOT is it?

Even the iguana has his tongue hanging out. REALLY! He stayed like that for a long while! It's been really, really hot here but the afternoon rains have started and now we're going through the "sauna" stage. It should be cooling off really soon now!
I've been moving rocks into the trench around the house and can relate to this photo!

Sunday, April 11

"Isn't She Lovely" - Her 8th Birthday!

Maria Isabel - Eighth Birthday

The title of this post should trigger Stevie Wonder singing his song in the background - wish I still had 'TeriTunes' music on here but the music was blocked at Playlist so...
it had to go.

This is Jose's daughter on her 8th birthday yesterday! Isn't she lovely!

I love the sepia version. Maria Isabel is a born model. She can strike a pose in a flash. Where do they learn this? She is such a little lady! Her front teeth are coming in so she's shy about smiling. She is such a delight, I wonder where her life will take her.

I had doubts whether to publish the following photos but it's just too cute not to.

Just love her expressions! She forgot all about her front teeth missing!

Update: work on my house with Jose is nearing competition, well, you know you're never DONE but we've come to a good point now and only have rocks to spread for the drains that were dug. It's been a huge process and I am so grateful.

Saturday, April 3

Semana Santa Saturday, Pre-Easter Day

I am almost embarrassed to show my face around here since I've been lacking in posting for such a long time. It was a post made by my virtual blog friend, Jen - A New Life in Costa Rica, that prompted this impromptu post. Read it here. Jen and her family live in a totally different area in Costa Rica and I love to read about their travels and experiences "up on the mountain". Thanks Jen for the kick in the pants to get off my duff and post something!

I have been steady working (four months now, everyday except weekends when I work alone) on my house doing repairs and general maintenance. In some respects, we have moved mountains by accomplishing some of these long awaiting projects. The big load of rocks that were delivered has maybe changed my yard permanently. So many rocks!! I used most to build a dranaje (water drain for kitchen and wash water) and more rocks were used for the moat dug around my house to direct the rain AWAY from my house. When we have a hard rain, it comes right in my front door! We have gone over my house up and down and around more than once doing all the details to fix some of the problems. That and generally making things look all new and fresh again. The weather here is hard on a house. My house is two-story so some of the work required scaffolding. It's been a bear all the way and it's still not over, close to being done but not yet.

I love this time of year and have blogged about Semana Santa/Easter many times now. It's my favorite time of year because of the reverance this country pays to this holiday. It's a time for families to come together and "old time" Costarricans respect the traditions of generations passed. Some traditions are no driving during this time. I love that because the traffic in front of my house is (was) almost non-existent. (Yesterday was very quiet) No semi-truck/trailers barrelling down the mountain using their jake-brake. Love that!! I haven't seen the CR buses, just tourist buses and an Imperial truck moving today (restock time)....
No alcohol is sold in the WHOLE COUNTRY after midnight on Wednesday until today. LOVE THAT! Of course, it promotes people to overstock on booze and probably drink way more than they normally would but it does promote PEACE and reverence for these holy days. I can't remember if they sell alcohol on Easter Sunday or not?...

In years passed, I have seen droves of people walk past my house on **The Walk for Jesus. Maybe it is tomorrow, I can't remember but I do want photos! It is amazing. They walk all over the country but the main pilgrimage is to Basilica in Cartago. So many beautiful people make this journey for Christ. I love that too!

This is the most special time of year in Costa Rica besides Christmas. I hope that I will turn my focus back to my blog and bring you photos of the life here. Last month marked my 8th year of owning my home here. It is remarkable how time has slipped away and it seems like just yesterday I was experiencing it all for the first time.

Happy Easter to you ALL!!

This is one of the last shots with my telephoto before it had to go to the shop to be UNSEALED and cleaned of the fungus growing inside (see dots in the sky on photo). Fungus growth is never-ending, living in the tropics. I get my lens back next Thursday, thank you Marcos for making this happen and taking my lens to S.J.
**CORRECTION: My Ticopedia, Marcos, told me when I asked when was the big Walk for Jesus, he said, the weekend of August 2nd. This week, the little neighborhood walks are for Mary.