Wednesday, January 27


Seems I haven't stopped working since Jose showed up Thanksgiving. The ole homestead is taking shape and looking more like it did when I first renovated seven years ago. Things can go to hell in a hand basket pretty quick at the beach if you don't stay on top of it. Corrosion is the biggest problem and with all the bars and gates for security, I've got plenty rust! Sanding, priming and repainting and it's as good as new now.

I apologize for dropping the ball on my blog. I've had computer problems that doesn't seem to end. If it's not one thing, it's ten others. I will get it together soon but for now, I'm a little squirrelly.

I will soon lay down the paint brush and pick up my camera again and get back to blogging. Still walking the dogs religiously and watching Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer, FAITHFULLY. His shows just keep getting better and better and I learn more every time I watch, which is on Tuesday night and the repeats on Saturday. Loved, loved Cowboy Daddy at the horse ranch. Thank you Cesar Millan for giving me back a peaceful life with my dogs.
O.k. back to painting....
Here's a couple of photos of the Lapas outside my house. It must be mating season cause they are sure stirring up a ruckus with their squawking. Love, love, love it!!


Carol Brown said...

Gorgeous pics! I can't wait til we get back there & enjoy the Lapas and cute lil squirrels again! I'm glad the Lapas found a new tree in your yard that they can enjoy, Teri. I can't wait to see how gorgeous your place is evolving into.

Jennifer said...

Love the pics! Looking forward to having you blogging again but understand 'tis the season for repairs. We're waiting til school starts again so we can enjoy our daughters summer vacation and not involver her in child labor. :) Still it would be easier for her to paint the roof than Dad & I. Hmmmmmmm... HUGS, you're doing good work all for YOU and not for someone else. Pat yourself on the back!!

Shannon said...

Oh what beautiful squirrels you have! I am surprised at how versatile this critter is, they survive here in minus 40 weather, and there they are in the Costa Rican heat, regardless of their little fur jackets! Thanks for the pictures. The macaws are beautiful as always. You've been working in some serious heat lady, and your place is going to look awesome. Maybe next time a smaller house and property? You've got me thinking, that's for sure! lol
take care, don't work too hard. Life's too short for that!!