Monday, June 21

Daily Wonders Part 2

I am fascinated by the critters that find their way into my home. I had been discussing the power of attraction with a friend and wondered, did I attract this?
Remember my last post about cutting down the hummingbird nest from the tree? The same day, after I posted that, one of those hummingbirds flew into my house through the upstairs opened door. Of course, he/she flew straight to a VERY high window.

Clearly, he/she did not understand the concept of glass and kept trying to fly through it. It was so frustrating not being able to reach up and capture the frantic bird. I have a telescopic pole I use to open and close those windows so I taped a bandanna at the tip and swooshed it around to get him/her to come away from the window. All the other curtains, I closed in advanced and I opened all the doors.

The poor little thing was exhausted from his/her escape efforts and probably traumatized from my efforts to free him. There were many distress calls and I could see his/her mate outside calling as well.
Finally, he/she took flight again and flew up into the transparent dome at the highest point of my house. There was NO WAY I could reach him now. I was stumped so I thought about what to do. I thought about what it must be like for a bird, unable to fly when this is what they are born to do. I thought about if this tiny creature believe he/she had reached the limits of the sky and could only sit and watch the clouds pass. I thought long and hard how to free him/her and then it hit me!
The dome has air pockets all around for the heat to escape.
The hummingbird was free already. Such is life in Pura Vida land.


wolfie_cr said...

"I thought about if this tiny creature believe he/she had reached the limits of the sky and could only sit and watch the clouds pass."

That is very cute, either that or he/she thought about this

TICA MACHA said...

I've seen that commercial and thought of my sonatas (black birds). Luckily, I don't have sliding glass doors!
I actually thought "an eye for an eye and a house for a house". I filled up my hummingbird feeder and set it out for him fully expecting to have a visitor for awhile.
We had a hellaous rain that night. I hope he waited to leave until it passed...

Anonymous said...

He/she was exhausted! I've never seen them sit still unless drinking up for migrating.

Jen said...

Great post Teri! Isn't it amazing how nature touches us here? I'm constantly learning valuable lessons.

Ilea Wahla said...

I was wondering if you could provide any information on things to do in Costa Rica that are not touristy? I will be visiting in August and don't want to get the true feel of Costa Rica, not a touristy feel. Also, Are their places called Ticos that you can stay in while visiting Costa Rica? I read about this on someones website but could not find any further information on it anywhere else? Thanks !

TICA MACHA said...

Well llea, you didn't leave contact info so I will post it here.
Ticos are Costa Ricans. As far as getting the feel of Costa Rica as a local, stay away from tourist places.
There are many sites on what to do while you are here. May I suggest you do your research with searches and get a map of Costa Rica and plot your course.
As in my heading, this is not a site for tourist info so I can't help you there.

Ilea Wahla said...

Thanks, just thought I would ask. I know your not a tourist blog but was hoping to talk to someone who lives in Costa Rica as that person would have better knowledge. I don't want to do your typical touristy trip at all, just want to come and soak up what Costa Rica is really about.


TICA MACHA said...

Thanks for providing you address, I will respond directly with some suggestions.

Shannon said...

"I thought about if this tiny creature believe he/she had reached the limits of the sky and could only sit and watch the clouds pass."
I too love this line. I bet you were freaking out- how you love nature and how you keep experiencing some of the sadness and distress that animals go through- especially when they collide with humans!

dexter said...

This caught my eye only because I worked on a research project involving window film and its effect on bird-to-glass strikes. Birds see in the UV light range. So this little critter, once inside only saw the windows allowing strong UV light through and flew toward it.

Now if every window had a UV light filtering window film installed to them she/he would have found the dome much, much sooner.

TICA MACHA said...

Interesting about your UV theory. All of my windows have window tint except the dome and the top level windows. I can't tell you how many birds have flown into my windows from the outside. I used to install film for a living on residential and commercial. Wouldn't you know, my house is part way done and I've lived in it for 8 years. Time to get out the film and FINISH!! Thanks for your comment.