Tuesday, August 24

Three Little Birds

This title is from one of my favorite songs of Bob Marley's. I taught the words to my niece when she was about six years old, sooo cute. Every morning when I come down the stairs, I open my curtains to see these same three guys in the same spot, rain or shine. It's a reminder of the more simpler things in life which are both amazing and special. I always called them "Morning Doves" and until recently, I didn't know any better after all, I see them in the morning every morning. Now, I know them as Mourning Doves and it seems so appropriate that they come to see me everyday these days. I miss my Brindy girl. She died. Brindy kept her three puppies under control and without her, the pups just seem to have lost direction. They always followed her lead. She was the pack leader in our house, no doubt.
Now, when I call them to come upstairs and they won't come, I just whip out "Brindy says" and they jump up and come. Steadily, I am regaining control of my pack thanks to Cesar and El Encantador del Perrors (The Dog Whisperer). Cesar's methods WORK!! Especially "THE WALK". I am working on walking them all at the same time.

And then there were three......

For those of you who miss the TeriTunes music here (I do, too), here is a YouTube clip from an artist from the 70's, Harry Nelsson. He was truly unique. I can still remember ALL the words and the song is stuck in my head for weeks now.
Early In The Morning, Harry Nelsson


katemeri said...

I'm sorry for your loss. It's so hard when a beloved pet passes away. It's nice to know these 3 little birds are watching over you and your 3 pups.

TICA MACHA said...

Thanks Kate, I had no idea how much the dogs followed Brindy instead of me. The dynamics have changed around this household. Hope to see you soon. I haven't been to OE in too long!