Thursday, November 4

"Rainin' all over the World"

Yes, that's the lyric that comes to mind on days like these days lately. The rain has not let up a bit to let the sunshine even peek through. It reminds me of why I even started this blog, it was during rainy season... many, many moons ago.
I was feeling isolated and the steady sound of pouring rain for days on end was making me a little nuts. I escaped into cyberspace and figured out how to make a blog. I'm so glad I did. I have inspired and been inspired in ways I would have never dreamed. You wouldn't know unless you read from the beginning.
Pura Vida.
You all know how I love to take nature pictures and just love the iguanas around my house. I was shooting through the window screen at one of the iguanas grazing on my hibiscus (Amapola) hedge, in the rain, when a hummingbird popped into the viewfinder for a super quick cameo appearance.
Don't cha just love when stuff like that happens!

Luckily, I am a crafter and a creative person so on days like this, I can find one million and one things to do while listening to the rain.
Here's some rain music.
No, this is not Ray Charles playing Rainy Night in Georgia...
but this guy sounds good. I couldn't find Ray singing this on YouTube.
CHOCOLATE RAIN - another one of my most favorite rain songs! Now he has Cherry Chocolate Rain.
Now it will be stuck in my head for DAYS!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Teri, yes it was many moons ago when you started. Thank God it rained enough to get you started. I have enjoyed your work and that portion of your life that you have shared with all of us. Thank You. I hope the new computer/house/dogs/suv/ect. is all going your way. Anyhoo, dont worry about the rain. Sat. night it will be 23 degrees here. Please keep bloging, the colder it gets up here the more we need you down there. Thinking of you, Brace

TICA MACHA said...

Thanks Brace, I really appreciate readers like you that have hung in there with me, even when I didn't blog. You (and a few others) are what keeps this YO-YO alive.
Thanks!! Teri