Wednesday, January 5

Zapote - Run with the Bulls

I just happened to catch the last day of the rodeo on t.v. It is held every year in Costa Rica at this time of year in Zapote. It was hilarous to watch and somewhat alarming. Guys get out there and actually taunt the bull to chase them. No, they are not drunk as in years past. The police check and make sure they are NOT drunk and have no weapons on them. Also, they have to remove their belts on their pants and shoe laces for safety's sake. Seems the bull knows he can hook these and really throw can these guys like rag dolls. It is incredible to watch and I hope to attend next year and be able report first hand!
One bull took the clothes off of one guy and the t.v. reporters couldn't play the tape of that episode enough, yes, it was funny,,,, very funny (if you're not the guy). It's all in good fun and the Ticos turn out for it every year!
You can check the newspapers for reported injuries, yes,,,, people get hurt doing stuff like this. Only two were seriously hurt.


Peggy said...

Crazy! Why??

TICA MACHA said...

When you live here, you quit asking "Why". All for entertainment and you know Latinos.... always proving their manhood. Sometimes they put 10,000colones ($20) on the horn for them to try and get off. I asked Marco why not put $100 on the horn and he laughed and said they would kill the bull for $100.
Why?,,,,, why not.