Monday, February 13

Use to It

Guess I've gotten use to it... some say it was a 6.1. Happened 4:00 a.m. this morning.
Didn't even phase my dogs...., they use to bark!! I slept through it.

Now that I have discovered how to sign back onto my blog... maybe I'll be back blogging again. Maybe it will take another earthquake.

On a sad note, Goodbye to Whitney Houston, she died day before yesterday, the day before the Grammy Awards. I heard the news yesterday morning but I didn't let it sink in until her song was sang on the Grammy's - I Will Always Love You. The tears began to flow. I always thought she'd have a grand come back. R.I.P. now. I will always love you.


Richard Arte Digital said...

Don't worry about updating the blog, since I haven't found time to update mine either! As soon as I finish some things on my studies, personal projects, and work in my computer I'll get back with some new writting and photographs.
It's good to know that people like you have used to earthquakes. Some people never do, even costa ricans!
I'm sorry too about Whitney Houston. I always thought she would overcome her issues with drugs. Too bad it would have to end that way! She was very talented, and she had a powerful voice.
Keep up the good work with your blog!
Be well!

TICA MACHA said...

Hey, welcome to my blog!
Just kidding about those earthquakes, I'll never get use to that!! I'm from hurricane country anyway.

Still sad about Whitney, when you are in the thick of an addiction, it's hard to see it is killing you slowly. Rest in Peace Whitney Houston, your songs will live forever.