Saturday, June 2

Day One - Month of June opens with some Shakin'

Yes Ma'am!! The first day of June comes with a whole lotta shakin' goin' on!!! Three 3.7 earthquakes occurred at three separate times in this area. The explanation given by the Earthquake Engineering Laboratory yesterday - "The earthquakes are related to the subduction process. The first and third occur at great depth the second not. For that reason, there is no relationship between them rather than being caused by the normal process of collapse of the Cocos plate under the Caribbean" and "Although often the earthquakes that are reported are hereby senses acceleration records are pretty intense at many stations, as here in Guanacaste. Furthermore, its magnitude is not desprecible, which is provided by this type of information." taken from their page on Facebook. It was translated so it may not be the same word for word. You know lately how it takes an earthquake to get me to post, well, I'm happy I read about it cause I did not feel a thing. A big semi truck passes and it sometimes causes the earth to vibrate so who can tell?? This is the report from the University of Costa Rica:
Checking the activity chart for earthquakes, I have a lot to catch up on, the month of May was very active!! The whole Blogger look and layout is totally different since my last post. It will not put in returns and spaces inbetween lines now.....

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