Wednesday, November 12

Little House on the Prairie

This horse used to come visit me all the time before I put up my fence. At night, I'd look out and there he'd be, looking in my windows or standing at the front or back door. I do believe, he would have come right on inside had I let him. I don't think he knew he was a horse. He acted more like a dog. I've watched him look both ways, twice, before crossing the main highway. He liked my grass and would come visit me regularly. I'd also give him carrots and apples for treats. I called him Ed. That was before all the dogs I have now.
Ed was like a pet.
He's gone now, someone stole him.
This is my first attempt at watermarking my photos. I can't figure out how to do a batch operation on many photos but 'poco por poco', I'll get it figured out.

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