Friday, November 7

Loving Your Work

I've always admired people that earn a living doing what they love. I want to be one of those people. It may be hard to imagine for some but surfing is hard work. To be a surf pro takes drive and determination, not to mention tenacity and pure grit! Although I have better surf photos of Gilbert Brown, this is one of my favorite. Why, because he looks like he loves his work, even the falls.

I met Gilbert yesterday, shook his hand. He had on really dark sunglasses and he looked like a rock star. He was really nice. I was starstruck and tongue-tied. I didn't tell him his photo hangs on my fridge to remind me of what it takes to succeed. It was my pleasure to finally meet him.

I am working on a project so if I post, it will probably be surfing photos for awhile.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Teri. It's good to be back. The brownies will not survive the evening...

Anonymous said...

Gilbert is a cool human being too. He is as humble and happy as he was 5 years ago. His little brother also rips it up. When my husband runs into him he is often recruited to help pick up trash on the beaches they surf. A beautiful person, Jah Bless!

shawna said...

Love your shot!!!! That is just great with him smiling as he goes down. I'm sure it would make a great motivational print to hang in someone's office, you know, with a mtivational tag line. I smile everytime I look at it. I can see why you were tongue tied talking to the legend!!!

TICA MACHA said...

Thanks for the feedback girls.

Plan and simple, Gilbert connects.