Wednesday, July 8

This is it

I guess this is the last of my MJ posting. I'm sure it surprises some people that I love Michael Jackson. Since I was a kid and he was a kid with the Jackson Five, I can sing along to his songs, ALL his songs from the Jackson Five. That style of music came at the right moment in time and in the south, you didn't hear "black music" much then. When the Jackson Five were on The Ed Sullivan Show, I was allowed to buy their 45 record, I'll Be There. I couldn't play it enough. Remember, I'm from the deep, DEEP SOUTH. My dad was like 'Archie Bunker' (All in the Family) to the nth degree. My mom understood and let me play the music I wanted.

Regardless of what people think or say about his 'bigger than life' life,,,
NO ONE CAN DENY, MICHAEL JACKSON is a LEGEND. Watching the programs until late last night gave me solace. A quiet feeling of may he rest in peace now. Why does suffering and greatest artist seem to go together? I truly loved Rev. Al Sharpton speaking directly to Michael's children about their daddy at the memorial. Great sermonlike message. I posted it but it may get taken off like the Man in the Mirror video.

I guess this is it. I am so happy to have lived during the MJ era. I hope time will be kind to his legacy (and his children).

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BreeWee said...

I miss him too, lots! Brooke and I watched the "good byes" from his children and cried our eyes out... he is a legend in his own way for sure and inspired a lot of smiles to a lot of people...