Wednesday, July 15

The Blog and the Postcard Princess

For those that don't know me, this is a joke. For those that do.... where are your comments? It's been days since I've heard from anyone. I promise to stop blogging about MJ and get on with blogging about Costa Rica. My camera lens has been in the shop so I haven't taken many photos lately. The huge swell is gone so photographing the surfers is not that exciting at the moment. Another swell is coming (as always). I have grand plans of getting my butt out there and catching some wave action. Billabong IS COMING!!! They are setting up the whole thing right now, behind my house. INCLUDING HUGE power lines.

If you have a blog, you know it can sometimes wax and/or wane. I would be interested in hearing from you about things you would like to see here. Just hit "comments" and leave a note. Feedback feeds a blog, you know.

The image here was swipped off my new friend's cards at She lives in Malta. Ever hear of it? What a mixture of culture. It's a UNESCO site, also. If you like hearing from people all over the world, get a blog and/or sign up for Postcrossing. It's really interesting to see who sends you postcards.

Thanks Anne Marie in Valletta, Malta for the princess image.


katemeri said...

Good morning Teri! I've been in California for a few weeks but will be home again on Sunday. Have a beautiful day!

<3 Kate

Jennifer said...

I for one am glad to see you've moved on... I'm sick of all the hype. I'd rather see or read about the postcards! AND of course I'm looking forward to beach photos again. :) We've still not made it down again.

TICA MACHA said...

Well Jennifer, you're not the only one. I had a couple people drop their subscription to my blog. Although I haven't paid much attention to MJ lately (like the last 10 years), I felt I needed to do a tribute. Thanks for hanging in there through all my MJ postings and leaving a comment. I appreciate it.

KATE: Hurry Home!! Let me know when you're here.

sooz said...

Do you think those power lines will help you or hurt you? I am always interested in hearing about your everyday life in Costa. I live vicariously through you & Pat.(although she doesn't blog, I know)

TICA MACHA said...

Sooz -So are you the one in the chaps? Gotta get me a pair!
I'm sad about the light invasion and no more stars plus no more privacy on my deck at night but here, there is always a trade off. I'll take the security lights over the stars any night (and I love star gazing).
Thanks for dropping by. I'll try to come up with a blog one of these days here real soon!!
:) Teri