Saturday, March 13

Daylight saving time

What a cool concept, "Saving Time". Wouldn't it be great if we could really save time?
We can do things quickly and more efficiently, get a jump on things by starting earlier but we just can't SAVE time,,, we can only document time, manipulate how we use it, or spend it.
This time of year the hour on the clock is pushed forward and an extra hour is gained. Hawaii doesn't do that, as well as many other places... including Costa Rica. See map on link -
Daylight saving time - Wikipedia

I never liked the time changes but I'm sure it works for some areas. It's a way to counter balance what nature gives for daylight hours during the year. For me, all the programming for t.v. changes and I stay confused for a bit. All else stays the same unless I am calling the U.S. and it's too early or too late, or whatever.

I guess most of you know by now, if you call Costa Rica,,, we have nine digits. They added prefixes to the existing numbers based on the type service and the area. I blogged about the change, my how time flys,,, that was way back in 2008. "How time flys",,, I like that expression.

Work continues here at my house. Just this past week I had a HUGE truck deliver rocks for my "drenaje", it's a gray-water run-off. After seven years, I am finally separating my kitchen and laundry water from my septic. That's how it is set up now, it all runs in the tank together. This is just one of MANY projects we (me and Jose) tackled to get things back in ship shape order. It's been everyday, all day working on my house but at least I can look around now and see more things DONE than needing to be done. That's a good feeling!!!

Awhile back I did a post about signs in Costa Rica telling you NOT to put toilet paper in the toilet...
I always respect others property and do as told but for my own house, I flushed the paper. Not anymore. It has caused such a big problem that I am now "Tico-ized" when it comes to that! One will learn that there are reasons why things are done like they are done here. I learn the hard way.


Shannon said...

well chica, we are now on Tico time with daylight savings...except our days are getting longer and longer! It's one of the few things we have on you! HOly cow to the house! You're motto on your door should also read "go hard, or go home!" lol. put that with your other sign...
salud. be well....thanks for the update. i've been thinking about you lately!

BLOGBloke said...

Ugh .. so what do you do with the used toilet paper? On second thought please don't tell me .. I don't want to know. I have visions of Borat running through my head right now.

Anyhow, I've missed my favorite Blokester over at my blog but I can see you are busy.



sooz said...

Oh, when I got back to Philly, with a perfectly fine septic system, I kept trying to throw the TP into the trash. I am nervous for Costa Rica. I saw development everywhere. But how will the country deal with it all? TP is just one of many trash issues. I hope the government steps in & stops some development.

TICA MACHA said...

I'm with you, I can't believe all the highrises in Jaco!! Wasn't there a limit as to how high to build?? I sure hope Hermosa stays small.

Shannon said...

Feed the toilet paper to the dogs? LOL
But really, it's not funny. I don't like the development in Jaco and I don't live there! I hope Hermosa stays small too; that beach is far too perfect for it to become crowded. And garbage? How anyone can litter in that place is beyond's a sin.
The secret of the beauty of Costa Rica is out. Now so many people want to be there. And rightfully so! I hope they can balance nature and people there, and are prepared for it. Enjoy it, love it, but please respect it!!