Wednesday, January 10

Holy Crappers Batman!!

I must admit, I am a total Gringa. I am use to flushing the toilet and never giving it a second thought where the stuff goes. Most public places here WARN "do not flush paper in toilet" (in Spanish, mostly). I almost always forget and have to make a conscious effort not to slip up and clog their system with the paper. At home, it's gringa style and I never put the used paper in the trash (that's nasty), always flushed down the toilet.
Photo is at Mirador Restaurant, they have several warning signs.

This whole septic tank system and grey water run-off is totally alien to me. Just last year, I had to make some changes on "my system". I had a new grey water run-off dug and the guys filled it with big rocks, covered that with plastic and the lawn turf. I thought I was good to go. They neglected to put a S-curve (the smell backed into my house) and a T-joint for the paper not to clog the grey water line. I had to have that repaired by someone else. It worked for awhile.
Now, I am back doing it all over again. I have also found out that the water from my washing machine (the soap) is not good for the septic tank and I need to change that line as well. Again, poor design on the house and new discoveries for me to fix!

The guy with the big tank trunk came today to empty the septic tank but the other guys that are going to fix the grey water depository cannot come until Saturday. An outhouse would come in real handy about now because I CanNot let the tank fill up with water until they come to fix it. Yes, I wish both could have been done on the same day but NOTHING is simple here or goes as planned. Trust me on that one.

I guess I will be living Bohemian style the next couple of days, missing city sewage!
Or, checking into a Gringa Style hotel.
If anything, Costa Rica teaches one how to be industrious and a problem solver.
By the way, the internet is on the crapper (all areas) and it works/doesn't work.
You may not hear from me in awhile....
Oh God, it's only Wednesday. All day long, I've thought it was Dr. House night on t.v. tonight, Thursday!!

Around here, when things get rough, we get going to the beach (and/or the bank$$)!

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Jen said...

I know that potty! Funny, we've probably been to many of the same potty's but have yet to meet. Sometime.... :)