Wednesday, April 14


It's been a long time coming but thanks to Carol for selling me her a/c cheap, I now have a/c in my converted "guest room" to office/studio!! This is a photo of the guys working to install it last week. I got all excited when I opened the door where they were working and saw FIRE!! The unit works beautifully! When you pass through into my newly air coniditioned room,,, it feels like HOME.

I've tried to adapt by not using air-conditioning for years now but during this time of year, it has become unbareable. And then there are the rainy months coming when stuff stays damp so having an a/c to dry out all my computer junk will probably save me tons in replacments!

Note the bandana around his neck.... it has ice inside of a plastic bag to keep him cool while he works. It has been so hot here, I make these ice packs for workers.

Woke up to rain this morning, April showers are here!!

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