Sunday, April 11

"Isn't She Lovely" - Her 8th Birthday!

Maria Isabel - Eighth Birthday

The title of this post should trigger Stevie Wonder singing his song in the background - wish I still had 'TeriTunes' music on here but the music was blocked at Playlist so...
it had to go.

This is Jose's daughter on her 8th birthday yesterday! Isn't she lovely!

I love the sepia version. Maria Isabel is a born model. She can strike a pose in a flash. Where do they learn this? She is such a little lady! Her front teeth are coming in so she's shy about smiling. She is such a delight, I wonder where her life will take her.

I had doubts whether to publish the following photos but it's just too cute not to.

Just love her expressions! She forgot all about her front teeth missing!

Update: work on my house with Jose is nearing competition, well, you know you're never DONE but we've come to a good point now and only have rocks to spread for the drains that were dug. It's been a huge process and I am so grateful.


Jennifer said...

Gorgeous! I like the sepia as well but what color in the color shot.

Hubby is doing touch ups on the roof today then hopefully the 2 week ordeal will be done for this year. Might be heading your way tomorrow. If we come that far we'll stop by and beep the horn. We'll be in a Silver Isuzu Rodeo w/ a Barbie head for on the antennea.

TICA MACHA said...

Great, love the Barbie head on the antenna! Teri

Peggy said...

Love the color and the expressions!!!

Carol Brown said...

You really captured Maria's pure beauty & joy on her birthday, Teri! What a sweet little princess - These pictures made me smile as big as she was! And that incredible DRESS - WOW!