Sunday, December 26

Santa Gringos in Jaco

I saw this video and wanted to share it here with you. What a great thing these guys went out and did on their own AND made a video!! I publish it here to inspire me and others .......what just a couple of guys can do to make a difference!!

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Carol Brown said...

Small world, again, Teri! I saw these guys at AutoMercado on the Sat. before Christmas, too. I bought a bunch of off-brand Barbie dolls at the store in the alley in Jaco, plus some toys with major mark-downs at Maxi Bodega on the 23rd, and we delivered them to the children of the squatters plus to children of the guys that had done work at my house last year. We spent their Christmas morning (Dec. 24) delivering them & It was soooooo much fun!