Thursday, November 13

The Deactivation Facebook Challenge

  Yes, I'm back! I took my own challenge to stay off Facebook for awhile and see if I have a life and friends in it! I realized that my blog has totally gone to the wayside since Facebook came into existence. For shame. But it happened and it was easy to fall into the rut of logging onto FB and making a quick update. LAZY!! So, at the prompting of my dogs, I have opted OUT of FB to dog walk in the mornings. I have decided to reinvest that time into doing more things and visiting more people,,,, IN PERSON! What a novel idea!!!

   Are you missing out by being on FB all the time? Take the DEACTIVATION FACEBOOK CHALLENGE WITH ME. (and you too can get nasty messages from people thinking you have blocked them!)

  There is no "Vacation from FB" status so deactivation is the only way! For all those that are still subscribed to my blog, well Bless YOU!! You kept me going during those rainy days and I appreciate your following!

 Thank you all for now and See Ya SOON!! And yes, THAT is "MY CAT" ( I keep telling the dogs). He showed up at my house on CR Mother's Day with a broken leg. The dogs found him hiding.  He has since taken over my house and my heart.

I still have cat killing dogs so that's a big challenge!!


Anonymous said...

What's so ironic,,, the same day I decide to deactivate FB is the day I check my trading account and it had picked up my limit order for buying FB stock!

You now can post anonymous,,, if you do, please leave your first name or nickname so I know who you are. YO-YO

Sally Oh said...

I'd love to deactivate Facebook but I work on it, posting for customers! Good for you. It is a time-suck just like email!!! xoxoxox

Anonymous said...

FB is the greatest connector of all time! It is so well developed, it is unimaginable to think of running a business without it now!! Good goings Mark Z.! And good for you Sally! You are like a cat with many lives! Good to see you are doing well in your not-so-new-now location! xxoxx YoYo

Anonymous said...

Is this real??? Somebody pinch me. Ticha Macha is back??? I thought you were ate by the Face Book Monster never to return. When I logged on to Yo Yo in Paradise and hit the enter buttom A dust cloud flew out of my computer. It's been awhile. Glad to see your back. Brace

Anonymous said...

Checking in to see if I can message you here. Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Beth (and anyone) can contact me at the address on the sidebar (hermosaparadise/yahoo).
Be sure to put something in the subject line. No gone from FB forever, just for awhile to break a bad habit.
HELLO BRACE H! You are one reason I came back to Yo-Yo. I missed the love. Had no idea you would still be following!! Thank you for all your past wonderful words ~ and gifts :), you were an inspiration for my returning to blogland!! Yo-Yo Macha

Anonymous said...

knock, knock

Tica Macha said...

I such a slacker... rainy season is here. Time to revive my blog!