Thursday, October 5

2017 and Counting

What a Long Strange Trip It's Been

Good to see some of you are still here.
I discovered something this morning during one of our seasonal *monsoon rains*...
it's about animal totems and their meanings.  It's not new, just a rediscovery.
Enjoy the story and others by Eric Labacz

Eric's website and Animal Totems:

And by the way, that little broken kitten my pups found years ago,,,,
WELL, he now rules the roost!! 

*Monsoon rains is named Tropical Storm Nate and the torrential rains and hurricane strength winds created lots of damage all over Costa Rica.  Emergency Responders rescuing people at overflowing rivers and landslides.  It is so sad to see the destruction happen so rapidly.  God have Mercy for Costa Rica and all those suffering in the world. 

National Emergency for the people of Costa Rica:

and crocodile alert.

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