Saturday, October 7


This is what you hear after the destruction of Tropical Storm Nate, "No hay luz y agua". Thursday, in the middle of the night, many were awakened with gusting winds and rushing waters from the swelling rivers. Torrential rains ensued.  For many of the good folks of Costa Rica, the passing of Tropical Storm Nate has been tragic and life altering. I am reluctantly posting photos of the misfortune from our Channel 7 News here because it has not been televised on any of the major news stations outside of Central America.  
You really don't know resilience until you've known a Tico, it is part of the "Pura Vida" life.
With every interview I watched, it ended with the weathered and distraught sufferer repeating,
"Gracias A Dios" with a smile. 

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