Wednesday, June 4

Perils of Paradise

Well, it's not just Costa Rica. Check over at LaGringablogicito, she's in Honduras with the similar problems. I guess with anything, there's a trade-off. My biggest problem here is the rain. It's not the rain necessarily as the effects of the rain with the electricity. I'm from Florida where we get hurricanes. Last week, I had that creepy feeling a hurricane was approaching. Howling winds, blowing rain, downright scary. The power was out for about a day.

I have a voltage regulator on my meter and surge protector on the computer but the surge protector on the computer died during the power surges. Maybe that's ICE's way of boosting the economy. A few appliances fried in every house and people have to buy new. ICE furnishes electricity, phone, etc. and has no competition, yet. ICE will refund half the value of damaged appliances caused by the surges but it's a big song and dance and hardly worth the effort unless the appliance is new and you have the receipt in hand.

Today, the sun is shining bright and our paradise is back. Some trees are down and the mosquitos are out in full force but all in all, it's a beautiful day.

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Gidget said...

Get those plug in things for the mosquitos. They work well. Sure is better than having to evacuate an island every couple of months like in Key West. That got old real quick. Your doing well if that is all that fried. I used to have to work on slow speed and rely on the power. What a relief that now it is okay when it goes out. The silence is nice......