Saturday, June 21

Manuel Antonio National Park

The photo above is now the exit for the park. They've flip-flopped the entrance/exit trail. Now, you enter where the exit used to be. I usually get all turned around walking through the park but this time, I was really lost. Everything seemed backwards. They just made the change last Tuesday.

Luckily, I ran into a tour guide that I've known for years and we piggybacked on his tour through the park. Wilbur knows where everything is in the park. He can spot a rainbow lizard in the dense jungle. He found a family of monkeys for us to photograph and since all the monkeys know him, he felt at liberty to get really close to one of the babies. The other monkeys went wild.

It was a beautiful walk through the park and it was not very crowded. New walkways have been put in and some improvements made on the trails. I guess the big rain we had a few weeks ago caused them to do some cleanup.

Luckily, the rain held off until we were out of the park and driving back home. Yes, the two horrible bridges are still there around Parrita. That's part of the thrill of going to Manuel Antonio National Park. Soon they will be replaced with bigger, better bridges.

I'll be back real soon!!


katemeri said...

We went to M.A. today (all 11 of us) and had great weather. Wilbur was our guide too - nice guy. A sloth had actually climbed down from a tree before us on the path so we got to see one very close up. I'll put it on Flickr soon. It was cool seeing one so close!

Anonymous said...

What IS it about babies that makes us all go "aaawwwwwhhhh":) Could be a baby monkey, a little sloth, a human baby or an ugly baby rat and we all melt!

Great pics. But the last one...look at the detail on the sarongs...incredible. Thanks for the memories!

TICA MACHA said...

Wilbur is great! It never fails that I see him when I am at the park.
I am going back with my beach chair and just camp out with the monkeys one day.

Anonymous said...

You know it was almost a year to the day that I was at M.A. The pictures are great. Good to hear that they are working on the trails, those concrete blocks ( stepping stones) were getting pretty far apart. The bridge at Parita, well thats like hanging from a zip line in your car. Thanks for the great shots and memories. Brace

Anonymous said...

OK, so where in the world is our Tica Macha? Check in with us soon!

Blog Bloke said...

I can relate. I'm always getting lost. Must that Alzheimer's thing. ;-)

So where did you go?