Saturday, October 4

Everybody Surf Now

It was a little hazy and some rain this morning but just awesome anyway.
Click HERE for some more surf photos.
Pura Vida

These guys amaze me. They know how wicked it can be out there and how extremely
cold it gets but they just can't bare to come in when the surf's good.
Rain or shine.


Costa Rica Baby! said...

It was fun bumping into you yesterday! Those shots are great! My boys especially were enthralled with them.

katemeri said...

Great shots Teri! I love all the action shots but one of my favorites this time is the one of the surfboard coming out of the wave without the rider on top. I can't wait to get home - I've been in CA for about 6 weeks and it's so cold here.

Kate in Esterillos

TICA MACHA said...

Thanks girls for the kind words. I am in a zone when I am watching these guys whip their boards around on those waves. Truly in awe!
They know the dangers out there and do it anyway. BRAVO!!!