Wednesday, October 1

Surf's UP

You remember Pelingo from previous surf photos. He never fails to perform for the camera.
He's inside that big wave in the above photo. He's awesome.

It seems I'm down at the beach almost everyday walking my dogs but TODAY, I loaded up my camera gear, umbrella, beach chair and took photos of some of my favorite surfers.
Thanks again Peggy for bringing me a beautiful big beach chair from Florida!! I've saved it till now.

Pelingo is on the right and Alberto on the left in the double surfer photo. I've added some more photos from today to my site at (see link on sidebar under "Website Sharing" or CLICK HERE, hit "slideshow" (top right) and then kick back). The guys complained about the waves but they looked GREAT out there from my viewfinder.
Oh, HERE'S Harry. This is local Harry, not Brazil Harry.

Harry, on his long board, caught most of the barrels today.
I've got the fever again so I'm sure many surf photos will follow.....


Anonymous said...

Teri, It´s so good to see yours Surf Photos. It makes me remember good times in Costa Rica. I miss you and Pelingo, friends that I´ll never forget ! Kisses

Harry from Brazil

TICA MACHA said...

Just COME ON DOWN!! Surfs good.
and it's good to see you still check on me and my blog.
Take care and catch a plane.

Peggy said...

I'd better update my blog since you put a link to it!!

Great photos! I know how tough it is to catch a fast moving surfer!