Thursday, October 16

Surfer's Dedication

Yesterday, I was on my way to Jaco when I drove past this surfer on his way from Jaco to Hermosa Beach. I was so touch by his devotion to surfing that I turned my car around and drove past him in order to catch this snap shot when he passed. For those that don't live here, the mountain road from Jaco to Hermosa is not easy on a bicycle, even on a sunny day. To attempt it on a stormy day, with a surf board harnessed to the back of a bike, now that's determination. I went on to Jaco and when I returned much later, I saw him again on his way back to Jaco after his surf session.
Such devotion, it moves me.


Costa Rica Baby! said...

That's awesome. What did he think of you taking the shot??? :)

TICA MACHA said...

He bared a smile and a knowingly nod, affirming he was almost to his destination. I gave him the shaka-ono hand symbol (Hawaii) and a smiling heads up, then snapped his photo.