Saturday, March 28

Earth Hour

That's right, one hour of lights off to support our planet earth.
Tonight at 8:30. It's an easy message to send, Vote Earth.

One more word about the shark finning and Cocos Island ......
It's an outrage what is happening but as humans, most of us eat meat everyday.
Not giving a second thought as to how that meat got to our plates. We are supporting the abuse of animals by our passivity not to protect them. Before moving to Costa Rica, I didn't give it much thought. However, I never saw chickens crammed in boxes and transported on the back of a truck in the heat of the day. I never saw cows packed on the back of a truck on their way to slaughter. Now that I have seen a little of how cruel the treatment is, it is turning me towards "no eat meat"!
Check this out:
It may change your mind, too.
Killing sharks solely for their fins has to be the ultimate of disrespect.

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TICA MACHA said...

I've tried to watch the video from several times and I just can't do it.