Friday, March 13

Earthquake Alarm

I am positive I have a group of readers that is highly evolved, educated, and intelligent. What I present to you is an idea for an earthquake alarm. Earthquakes are new to me coming from hurricane country. With hurricanes, you have a warning, earthquakes no. Why couldn't someone invent a device that has a pendulum over a contact point and when there is rocking, shaking, the pendulum would disconnect from the contact point and an alarm would sound. Yes, it would be during the first tremors of an earthquake but at least if you were asleep, it would alert you to the start of the earthquake. Something simple and inexpensive like the fire alarms.

I've had many inventions in my life but never moved on them. Disposable feminine wipes, disposable glass wipes, musical greeting cards, donut baby bottles, sugarless PopTarts, etc. I even wrote to Kellogg to ask them to make sugarless PopTarts (my stepson had diabetes and would sneak PopTarts) and they wrote back that they have a whole team of researchers and for me not to send in any more ideas. Most of my ideas have come out of needing something that didn't exist. Of course, I was stunned when I saw my ideas on the market but was happy to have them.

So, put your thinking caps on and see if you can invent an earthquake alarm. You might save lives. Maybe the pendulum would have a weak magnetic connection and when the base moved with the earthquake motion, the point would disconnect from the contact and an alert would sound. If you do succeed with the prototype, patents, distribution, and marketing, please send me one. Thanks. Teri

BTW - We had two earthquakes this past Wednesday which sparked this post for action.


Anonymous said...

As long as we have our thinking caps on, I'd propose a midwest US tornado-style warning system for natural disasters like tsunamis & earthquakes, instead of word-of-mouth.

TICA MACHA said...

Yeah, the boom-truck (the guy that drives around announcing over a loud speaker on the top of the truck) could tell everyone.

Anonymous said...

Hadn't thought of that. It's perfect!

TICA MACHA said...

I'm sure with all the Highrollers in all the HIGHrises, they will think up something to save their ass.

Anonymous said...

they have been available for awhile now-it's like a fire/co2 alarm you stick to your structure and it beeps several seconds before the earthquake hits. you can buy them online:

they are 100% legit and i plan on buying one soon (living on the san andreas fault)

TICA MACHA said...

I knew there had to be SOMETHING and like a fire alarm (which is common now) is perfect. Thanks!! Macha