Sunday, March 29

Girl Dog Fight

Here is a photo of my sweet sister girls that fight. They look like bookends against the bamboo chair they destroyed when they were pups. Yes, one morning I looked down into my living room and it looked like a foam factory explosion. They (seven puppies) had torn up all the cushions and pulled off the decorative roping on the sofa and chairs. I've since replaced the cushions but what a shock that they could do so much damage in one night. I now put pieces of chain link fencing on my furniture so they don't hang out on it when I'm away from home.

Now, the three pups I kept, try to destroy each other. I am learning from Cesar Millan how to control their aggressive behaviour but I have problems with the two sisters in the photos. They are best buddies until something scares them, like when aggressive Max (their brother) sees another dog, and then they turn on each other.

I wanted to let you know that the treatment for ehrichia I posted on "Dog Debacle" is NOT ENOUGH. Please read what a friend sent to me in the comments section under that post. So, it's back to work to get my dogs cured. Thanks Katja from the McKee Project for your suggestions.

Macha, Max, and Mela - Brindy's puppies

Mama Brindy, not looking all too happy. She came with me to CR from Florida. Poor ole girl, she's been around a long while.


Mike said...

Hey Teri
You got me with the "Lassie" theme. Timmy's mom was always hot, especially in her Lost In Space-togs! That theme song is very sad--why? Maybe cause Lassie didn't have that many boyfriends?

wolfie_cr said...

I take the peace of my 'pack' for granted (the doggish side of my pack consists of 4 dogs......)

I guess I will keep knocking on bone ......(if these idiots start fighting..........I would probably kill them , I don't need one more problem to deal with)

Mike said...

Hey WOLFIE CR--You would "kill your dogs if they started fighting"? Advice to Wolfie, stick with cats, or Gerbils, or maybe some nice little poodles. Yeah, you could have a nice little "pack of poodles"! If you weren't really serious, then April fool's back at ya.

TICA MACHA said...

Dog fighting is SO serious, I've considering adopting one of the girls out before I do kill them all! But no, I take it as a challenge to become the "Pack Leader" and get this problem under control. Cesar Millan has helped me beyond description and the best thing is to be consistent with dog walking. They are gaining respect for me as their PACK LEADER!
and I don't let all four dogs outside at the same time anymore.

wolfie_cr said...

figuratively speaking of course :)

@mike....moral police, you can rest for the day....World has been saved again LOL

people don't pick up strays/bring them to their home,feed them and care for them and then kill them, unless of course its for drug testing purposes :(

on an useful note: Teri, are your dogs spayed/neutered? All 4 of mine are and I wonder if that makes a difference, the only fight I've ever had was with yet another dog that I had to put away (a beautiful german shepherd that had a degenerative disease on his spine/not displasia).

I was giving them cookies.....and he tried to steal one from my oldest stray...boy did he showed his wisdom/street tricks that night.......poor german shepherd ended up all bloody :(

TICA MACHA said...

All of them were neutered except the mom, she was too fat and they didn't complete the surgery. I've even tranquilized them when I knew loads of people would be walking around due to a concert. It's jeolousy on the sister's part and nervous aggression for BIG MAX turning to attack them because he wants to be the only one that barks. Now, NO ONE BARKS, not allowed.
I wish I had a dime for everytime I've told my ungrateful mutts "I'm going to kill you"! One of my mom's favorite expressions was "I'll knock you through that sliding glass door". Sounds pretty harsh and we as children always visualized flying through the glass doors but we did straighten up and listen to our MOTHER. Of course, she never would do such a thing.
Thanks for hanging in there Wolfie, I always respect your input and value you as a reader of YO-YO.