Sunday, September 20

Church on Sunday

Church in San Mateo, March, 2006
September, 2009
Recently, I made a trip to San Jose to renew my residency and on the way back I got a great surprise. The church in San Mateo has been under renovation for a long time. It was late so I couldn't stop and go inside but looking through the front doors, it looks beautiful inside as well. I'll have to return and take my time.

"Church on Sunday" is in remembrance of my mother.


katemeri said...

It's a beautiful church. I've never stopped there. I took some photos of the church in Puriscal a few weeks ago. I hope they restore that one. I love the tribute to your Mother. Have a beautiful day!

TICA MACHA said...

Yes, I always think of my mom when I stop to photograph a church. She would never believe I actually live in Costa Rica. Sept. 22 marks 19 years since her passing. I still miss her like it was just yesterday.