Thursday, September 3

Pura Vida - I learn from my dogs

Check out this past post:
I blogged about this way before Cesar Millan taught me that "dogs live in the moment". His show has been a gift to me and my dogs and I so much appreciate everything I have learned. Thank you Cesar and Melissa Jo (and others) for bringing dog education to humans.
This is my most favorite thing, to walk my dogs and watch them enjoying themselves. Never underestimate the power of the walk!! They are almost cured of fighting. No fighting for months now!! These are the two sister dogs that used to fight, running on the beach, loving life!

This is my Macha, looking down the beach to see if there is another dog to chase. Bad Macha!! Can't break her of that one,,, but I'm working on it. She chased a horse on the beach that day and ruined our little photo session!

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Anonymous said...

ah the life of your dogs! I wish i had it! nice work with them, it's not easy to break those habits! funny, i talk about the "now" all the time and have spent plenty of time with all kinds of dogs, but i never actually put those two pieces together until you said it! yes, they sure do live in the now, and yes, we sure can learn from it! I will, however, pass on the butt sniffing part.