Thursday, February 18

Driving in Costa Rica

I sure have become a better driver living here, more defensive, that's for sure. I've learned to down-shift instead of using my brakes when going down a mountain. I've learned to use my safety brake ALL THE TIME when parked (past post - Take It Slow). I put on my seat belt out of habit now. I hated wearing seatbelts before here. Now, NO ONE has to tell me to put that thing on, I'm more than willing with all the crazy drivers!! I AM a better driver but I've gotten into some very bad habits. Like doing a U-turn in the middle of Jaco or double parking when I'm just going to be a minute. Not to mention, parking on the opposite side of the road (facing ongoing traffic). Everyone does THAT!!

I've joked a double yellow line is just a suggestion here but starting March 1, 2010, we may be seeing some law enforcement happening! Over-loaded trucks (with people) is a common site. In fact, the other day I saw a pick-up truck stop to pick up some workers on their bikes. They all loaded-up in the truck and in the back. They had about seven bicycles stacked up and a few were sitting around the edge trying to balance them. I couldn't believe my eyes. The driver took off like a bat out of hell and down the road they went.

So, check out this article published by Inside Costa Rica -
You may be surprised. Costa Rica is getting TOUGH!! TOO MANY ACCIDENTS!!!

.....Oprah should send us some "NO PHONE ZONE" stickers (her latest crusade for abolishing cell phone use while driving).
Take the pledge:

All cars have to pass inspection once a year but now you have to have an emergency kit in your car. THIS is a GREAT thing!! A fire extinguisher is new on the list as well as jumper cables,,, the list is long.

Happy Trails and Be SAFE and Legal!!

Photo from a past post - "Hauling".

Check out this for the new law and point system:


TICA MACHA said...

Thank you Carol B. for sending me this article. Stuff I should know, but don't.

Carol Brown said...

You're welcome, Teri! I'm going to have to pay attention, too. Yesterday I made a "Jaco U-Turn" in the middle of Roswell, Georgia. I was lucky there weren't any cops around. I guess that I was just so giddy with excitement about being in Jaco in 72 hours that I forgot where I really was!

Don't worry, the grits & I are on our way!!!