Sunday, February 14

Miss Me Yet?

Too hilarious not to post on YO-YO!!
I've missed my readers although a few (five) YO-YO blog readers from Canada stopped by my house and caught me washing clay tiles for the roof. Yes, work continues on my house and it was great to chat with them. Sally had contacted me beforehand that they were coming but I had completely forgotten. I have to admit, I felt like "Famosa en Hermosa"!! Thanks guys for dropping in and witnessing a little of "my life" right now.

Ya'll ALL know about remodeling... fix one thing, only to find five others that need fixin' in the process - that's This Old House,
aka, Casa de la Macha. I haven't pulled all my hair out yet but I did have to let Jose's helper go after his first week. "Pancho" was making MORE work and I was getting none of "my work" done (I work everyday, too). Pura Vida.

The past few months have been a blur with all my attention focused on completing this project. I would print photos of it but my privacy issue prevents this. I've taken many progress photos as a daily diary to mark our "progress". I put that in quotes because a few things had to be redone for whatever reason.

SO, hope everyone has a Happy Valentine's Day and remember it all comes from the heart!! Love you guys!! La Macha


Jen said...

Sending you love and strength today and always. Hope you get your projects done soon so you can have a little fun before the rains begin. We're waiting or the damn winds to die down before we get to the major jobs that need to be done. LOVE the horse pic!!!

Shannon said...

you're missed over hear...would love to see a picture of you up there scrubbing tiles! Was there much poop up there of several varieties? I bet the house sparkles in that sunlight! It's been so hot there, I can't imagine doing that sort of work. Good on ya!
great horse picture, for sure. Look forward to more surf ones again when the time is right! I hope you've caught the odd sunset from up there on the roof?

Shannon said...

Oh ya, and YAY for Canadian visitors! You've heard about the weather in Texas, Alabama and South Carolina have you? Making our next of the woods look pretty good!! :D

Tica Macha said...

I wasn't actually ON THE ROOF, I had bought new tiles that weren't new and had to be cleaned before we could use them. It's really hard to find tiles to match my existing ones.
Work continues but it sure is easier this week without the "helper".

BLOGBloke said...

Happy belated Valentines Day sweety. I've missed you in my neck of the woods.