Wednesday, February 17

Te Amo Coca-Cola

I've been drinking Coke since I was a baby. My mom put it in my baby bottle. I became addicted at a very young age. I've since curbed my addiction, I only have Coca-Cola every now and then. Did you ever put peanuts directly in the Coke bottle and drink it?? Good stuff. They sold the little glass bottles of Coke here but when I looked for one the other day, all I found were the plastic bottles. Looks like that may be a thing of the past,,, 6 oz. glass bottles of Coke.

This is the new commercial for Coca-Cola here. It's on all the time and I really "get" the "Te Amo" part. Costa Rica LOVES Coca-Cola!!!
I was at our little market (Pulperia) the other day and the big Coke truck pulled up for delivery. Did you know that the trucks have ARMED GUARDS that go on their deliveries? It's a big money operation in this country.

Recently, I was getting a quote for having my septic system repaired. The leech line is clogged and some of the sewage water needs to be bucketed out to get down to the drain line (it keeps overflowing). The guy (same guy that cut down the palm) said that the workers would dig out the gray water area for "x" amount of dollars but if I bought them Coca-Cola, they slop out the first foot of Ka-Ka for free. That stuck me as hilarious. "Ka-Ka for KoKa". I decided to wait to do that unpleasant project.

I have learned first hand that workers work better with Coke! It's "a drug" as my worker says and I always get a smile when I bring him a glass of ice cold Coca-Cola. So you know, they call it "Co-ca" here.

FYI, I have followed Coke advertising campaigns my whole life, even collected memorabilia. Te Amo is up at the top as being the best line campaign. It's so simple and universally true!
For the history of Coca Cola, click here.


Laurie said...

Costa Rica has more in common with Honduras than I thought. You called tiny stores "pulperias." That's the name here, too. And babies get soda in their bottles here in Honduras, sad to say. However, I think Pepsi is winning the battle here in the Northlands.

TICA MACHA said...

Long ago, I kept up with a blog from Honduras and was surprised to read that most of the things she wrote were just like here in CR.