Friday, May 21

HELP!!! Cesar Millan!!!

I always ask myself, "What would Cesar do?"
It has been over a year since my dogs have fought. I thought I had walked and exercised their aggression away and using Cesar methods of exercise, discipline, and then affection PLUS, making sure I am always in the LEADER position by remaining calm and assertive and them - calm and submissive,,,, it all backfired day before yesterday when I took Max and Macha for a walk over to Jose's to see if they were ready for their trip. Yes, I know that is a long sentence but I am at my wit's end!
This is Max and he is almost 100 pounds of pure strength!

I walked up with Macha and Max to Jose's house and this friendly little puppy came out to greet us. I told Jose in Spanish to grab the puppy and his reaction wasn't fast enough. Max already had his jaws around the puppy's hind leg. The attack of both of my dogs on the puppy was so fast, I didn't have time to react,,, only to pull on both of them to get them to release the dog. It was awful and I was so ashamed of my dogs and my inability to control them.

The owner of the puppy, Macy, and I took her pup, Antonia, to the vet and she was stitched up and put on antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, and something for pain.
Thank you Dr. Jose Jimenez at Jaco Vet. You are always there for me and my pack and I do appreciate it.

(for those who don't know,,, I am referring to El Encantador de Perros - The Dog Whisperer). Click here for the official site of
Cesar is my role model and I hang on every word and his actions when watching his show. I have watched all the episodes and thought I knew more than I really do. I was at a complete loss in this situation. I put Max into the down position but I don't think he realizes how serious this is. I do.

I went to visit the puppy today and the owners were gone. Antonia took one whiff of me and started growling and licking her lips. I guess I smell like four dogs, especially Max. She ran directly under a bench to protect "her kittens".

Macy explained how she came about having this puppy. She was found on the side of the road in San Jose, standing next to her brother who had been killed by a car. Macy could not leave her there on the road and adopted her on the spot. You just gotta just love someone with an open heart to helpless animals.

For awhile I have been wanting to write a "Success Story" for Cesar's website and just when I think I have a handle on things, something like this happens.
Help Cesar! In Costa Rica, The Dog Whisperer is on Tuesday night at 6pm. They run past shows all during the week on Animal Planet at various times. It is one of the best shows on t.v. and I will be forever grateful to Cesar for his leadership and teaching me how to be the 'Leader of my Pack'! I just slipped which means I need to practice MORE and watch more of The Dog Whisperer!! My Pack, too!!


Carol Brown said...

Oh Teri, what a horrible experience! I wish I had been there to help you! That puppy is just darling, and I hope she recovers easily. Tell Max that Aunt Carol says BAD BOY - Mela would never have done that. Hugs, CB

Jennifer said...

I'm so sorry to read this!!! I know how hard you've worked with the dogs. I've written to Ceasar in the past on your behalf. I really wish he'd come. He'd love it here!!!

TICA MACHA said...

Many people tell me about Cesar, mostly Ticos. He is very popular here and maybe he will come one day and bring his family. Cesar could help so many people here since most of us do have aggressive dogs for our own protection against robberies. I love my dogs but this bad behavior is not acceptable. I know it's my fault. I just have to figure out how to fix me and Max will be fine.
Like Cesar says, "I rehabilitate dogs and I train people". I need more training!!!!

Shannon said...

Aw Teri, sorry to hear. The puppy is so sweet, loving her for staying with her brother (how sad) and now with the kittens! I am sorry this happened. I also can't help you with any suggestions; I hope you can figure out a way to stop it because it is not only nerve wracking to worry about it but I know your heart is as big as Texas and you must feel just horrible! hug for you!

Costa Rica Baby! said...

Don't get down on are doing great! What a great puppy...many humans could get a good lesson from him.