Saturday, May 22

Spider/both sides and a Bat

I've never photographed "under" a spider. The second photo is the "undershot" of this seven-legged spider.

This bat moved into my balcony doorjam during a huge rainstorm.
He's gone now.

Lord knows, the critters I find around my house.

FYI - the rains have come and it rains just about everyday. Thunder, lightning, the whole works (no hail). July we will get a "little summer" and it will be dry for a few weeks. Live here long enough, you realize it all runs in cycles.

Little earthquake the other day. 5.9 Mag. Lasted just long enough to be concerned.
It happened right after a big rain which could pose a problem with the ground being soft. I haven't heard of any mudslides though.....


Shannon said...

What a cute bat! Thanks for posting!

Shannon said...

Oh and Teri, your "non-summer" is nicer than our summer most of the time. So I don't want to hear about it!!! :D As much as I like our seasons, I'll take your weather anyday- including mudslides, earthquakes, and wicked thunderstorms. Still beats snow and minus 35 and no color for five months of the year!!! The ONLY thing I like better then where you are (roads excluded) is that we now have daylight until 10:00 pm! That rocks!!! Be well, and keep blogging! Thanks!