Saturday, June 21

Manuel Antonio National Park

The photo above is now the exit for the park. They've flip-flopped the entrance/exit trail. Now, you enter where the exit used to be. I usually get all turned around walking through the park but this time, I was really lost. Everything seemed backwards. They just made the change last Tuesday.

Luckily, I ran into a tour guide that I've known for years and we piggybacked on his tour through the park. Wilbur knows where everything is in the park. He can spot a rainbow lizard in the dense jungle. He found a family of monkeys for us to photograph and since all the monkeys know him, he felt at liberty to get really close to one of the babies. The other monkeys went wild.

It was a beautiful walk through the park and it was not very crowded. New walkways have been put in and some improvements made on the trails. I guess the big rain we had a few weeks ago caused them to do some cleanup.

Luckily, the rain held off until we were out of the park and driving back home. Yes, the two horrible bridges are still there around Parrita. That's part of the thrill of going to Manuel Antonio National Park. Soon they will be replaced with bigger, better bridges.

I'll be back real soon!!

Thursday, June 19

Doing Mountains

One of the best ways to view Hermosa, Jaco, and Herradura is from a mountain. We drove up the mountain near my home and after driving up, up, up for about an hour, we decided NOT to see where the road went and turn around and go back the way we came. I've never been so far up that mountain. Scary stuff for someone from the flatlands. Car seems to be doing fine, so far.

The first photo is Playa Hermosa. Second, Jaco and Herradura.

Saturday, June 14

Hurry Up and Wait

That's how it is for us North Americans down here in Central America. We still "hurry" and then, we wait. I am excited about having a guest to show "my secret paradise" but Cindy arrived in Costa Rica rolling out of the terminal in a wheelchair. She had a little accident with a quartz rock before leaving on her trip and ended up having eight stitches on her ankle and a nasty bruise.
Most of our exploring has been by car since her arrival...
(Gracías A Díos por mí carro!!)

We've been to several beaches and she was surprised to see the very dark sand. It wasn't what I expected either when I arrived (coming from "sugar sand land") but I soon learned, Costa Rica has a variety of beaches within a close proximity.

We drove a little south yesterday (my second favorite spot) where there are shells instead of rocks and the beach is shallow for a long way out. No wading, no water, and not much walking for her.

Manuel Antonio National Park and the monkeys will have to wait until Cindy is back solid on both feet.
The weather?, it's been cool because it's been rainy but THAT has been nice!
After all, "It IS a rain forest."

Saturday, June 7

This Sign, is for YOU!

I laughed out loud when I saw this sign posted on a taxi. I had just had a conversation with a friend about cars in Costa Rica being like tin cans and how the taxi's get real pissed when you slam the door. I made that mistake, too, but quickly learned.

Speaking of taxis, that seems to be my mode of transport lately since my car is back in the shop. The mechanic said I had "big problem$" which translates to me, no car for a long time and a big bill when I do retrieve it. This has been going on since February so I'm getting used to the drill of giving up my car. It was good while it lasted. My car has never let me down, until now. Maybe it's time to consider a trade but then I'd rather go to the dentist and have my teeth pulled. It's not easy buying a car in Costa Rica and it is very expensive!! Wish me luck!!

Postscript: The car doctor (Don Car Doctor) just called and my car "esta lista"!! AND, it's only 10,000 colones (that's about $20). I am THRILLED. Just goes to show you, we worry about things totally out of our control. I WILL be at the airport to pick you up Cindy!! This was a good lesson in not sweating the small stuff! TAXI!

Post postscript: The "check engine" light came on as I was returning home. The mechanic says it's nothing to worry about, his wife drove for three years with their light on... Back to square one.

Friday, June 6

Bigger is 'Badder'

Here is the normal size of this iguana...

This is the size of a iguana when you've overstepped his boundaries.

I've photographed many iguanas and have been inches away from them and never have I had one blow up big like this. He calmed down and the first photo posted was the last photo I took. He warmed up to me and the camera after he realized I wasn't a threat. Cute, huh?

Thursday, June 5

Circle of Life

Made fresh daily.
This Bud, is for you. Rest in peace.

Wednesday, June 4

Perils of Paradise

Well, it's not just Costa Rica. Check over at LaGringablogicito, she's in Honduras with the similar problems. I guess with anything, there's a trade-off. My biggest problem here is the rain. It's not the rain necessarily as the effects of the rain with the electricity. I'm from Florida where we get hurricanes. Last week, I had that creepy feeling a hurricane was approaching. Howling winds, blowing rain, downright scary. The power was out for about a day.

I have a voltage regulator on my meter and surge protector on the computer but the surge protector on the computer died during the power surges. Maybe that's ICE's way of boosting the economy. A few appliances fried in every house and people have to buy new. ICE furnishes electricity, phone, etc. and has no competition, yet. ICE will refund half the value of damaged appliances caused by the surges but it's a big song and dance and hardly worth the effort unless the appliance is new and you have the receipt in hand.

Today, the sun is shining bright and our paradise is back. Some trees are down and the mosquitos are out in full force but all in all, it's a beautiful day.

Monday, June 2


Photo taken at sunrise - the trees are reflected in the river.

The following poem was posted on the comments for Bud's passing by my friend, Sally, at I am posting it here, it is comforting.

There She Comes...

I am standing upon the seashore.
A ship at my side spreads
her white sails to the morning
breeze and starts for the blue
ocean. She is an object of beauty and
strength and I watch her until at
length she hangs like a speck of white
cloud just where the sea and sky
come down to mingle with each other.
then someone at my side says
"There! She's gone."

Gone where? Gone from my sight - that is all.
She is just as large in mast and hull
and spar as she was when she left my side,
and just as able to bear her load
of living freight to the place of destination.
Her diminished size is in me, not in her;
and just at the moment when someone at my
side says,"There! She's gone," there are
other eyes watching her coming, and other
voices ready to take up the glad shout
"There she comes!"

Sunday, June 1

In Loving Memory

Ursela "Bud" Turner passed away yesterday. It's a sad day. She was very special to me and everyone that knew her. Her laughter, always with a joke and a smile will be greatly missed by her family and her many, many friends.
Photo taken of Bud and her son, John, in her newly remodeled kitchen January 2005.