Monday, August 31

Just for Fun, too

Check this out:

I've been working on making a promotional calendar for a local surfer, Alberto.
He doesn't know yet!!
Surprise, surprise!!
Want surf lessons??
Find the good surf spots?
Call Alberto Vasquez, Surf Instructor and Guide, 506-8915-5159

Friday, August 28

Just for Fun

This is George with a new hair buzz. That guy's got great style on a board.

Love this, he (don't know the guy) looks like one of those dolls with bendable arms and legs!

Just another day in paradise....

Wednesday, August 26

Banderas Bonitas!!

Banners are still lining the streets of Jaco and Hermosa mountain road from the ISA Billabong World Surfing Games held a couple of weeks ago. This photo was taken on Calle Ancho in Jaco on Sunday.

Tuesday, August 25

Birds of the Same Feather....

flock together. The Lapas have returned in full force. I counted at least 16 on Sunday. The almonds are ready for the plucking so they are attracted to these trees. What a beautiful sight to see them in flight.
Makes me smile every time!

Technical Difficulties

I've had more than my share lately. It all started over installing a new wireless router. They should pack a technician in the box with it!! I can't get Playlist to work right either. It has that old message about the artist not authorizing in foreign countries. Works, doesn't work, that's COSTA RICA.

For all those that have said you are "so lucky to live in Costa Rica"... yes, it may be some luck but mostly it's sheer tenacity and persistence that got me here and keeps me here. It ain't easy, those that have come and stayed, know this. If it were luck, I'd say mine has run out but I'm still staying here.

I'll be back to blogging once I get my computer back on track! In the meantime, enjoy my favorite artist at the moment, Adele.

Sunday, August 16

Basket Baby

Out of all the photos I shot during the Billabong surf event, this one of a little girl passing in a bicycle basket during the parade, is the one I remember.

Saturday, August 15

A Special Day

To all the mothers, everywhere.

Thursday, August 13

My Angels - Blessing in Disguise

About a week before the BIG EVENT, I turned into a serious nail bitter. Just on one finger, my thumb. I was so nervous anticipating what was coming. Everyone said, "you have to get a guard!" I didn't want someone hanging around my house for a week and that expense! As always, I had faith that it would all be o.k. and kept biting my thumbnail, worrying about the what ifs.

The first day, Saturday, of the 2009 ISA Billabong World Surfing Games, they poured into Hermosa in droves. They had designated "PARQUEO" right next to the location of the event but everyone chose to park off the side of the road and down little dirt roads. My front filled up with cars first with everyone blocking each other in and stacked on top of one another. When it rains, I have a big sippy hole in the front (a sippy hole is what is created when you mix mud with water). Luckily, it didn't rain that first day and everything worked out. I was trying to get "the powers that be" to block off that area with tape and barrels like they did in other areas. No response. Sunday, the parking guys from San Jose show up. I wasn't to thrilled about THAT!! I still went out there to meet them and offer them coffee. I watched at a distance and they were doing an amazing job of keeping the traffic moving and getting cars in and out. I was impressed. The police didn't show up until later on Sunday when things got a little hairy with the mass exodus. By Tuesday, they were my best buds and I had a steady job of keeping the four of them in coffee, tea, ice, chairs, umbrellas, black plastic for rain, the garden hose to wash off beach sand for their clients and I even made PARQUEO name tags with their photo on it for I.D. purpose. They had claimed the whole front as their territory for the week long event.

What a week it was! Rains came, people got stuck in the "sippy holes", it was maddening at times but these guys kept everything under control. They even kept the trash picked up during the week. By the finals the following Friday and Saturday, I was feeling pretty blessed to have these guys here. The police did finally come the day before the finals when ALL OF CR (it seems) was here. They told the guys they had to leave. It really bothered me that they had worked so hard and was going to mi$$ out on the last days of the competition but, hey, pura vida, they had made money already. Turns out, they had done such a fabulous job, the police let them stay until the very last,,, till late Saturday night for the big concert. I feel so fortunate that everything worked out like it did. This was PEAK TIME for robberies and such. I felt my guardians angels really looked after me this time by sending me these great guys!! They gave me a huge tip, too!!
Thank YOU!!
If these guys show up at your house to park cars or you see them parking cars at another event, I recommend them highly,,, and please tell them, Macha says HOLA!!

Wednesday, August 12

All Pau

Before and after....

That's Hawaiian for all done, finished. I walked down to the beach to see the progress and it's wrapping up. They've torn down most of the structures. This was the site for the concerts. Do you see the sink in the photo?
Some things remain, like the four light poles with two lights on each pole going to the beach. I wonder if they will leave the wireless and cell service.
That would be a bonus.

The river just changed it's direction and is now flowing where people slept the other night.

These photos were taken high tide this morning.
I still want to post some more of the photos I took during the event,,, and I will as soon as I catch up.
Hermosa is beautiful. Jaco is cleaned up. Jaco was totally trashed, totally. I truly believe people think by throwing their trash down, it creates jobs for other people,,, which it does.

I took these shots with a little carry around camera and you can't see in the photo but the Costa Rica banners go all the way down the road. It's really a beautiful sight.

Tuesday, August 11

THE VIEW and Video- 2009 ISA World Surfing Games

Master Photographer, Agustin Muñoz from Argentina (, loaned me this shot he took on the last day of the contest. I was unable to get down to the Hermosa Mirador for this shot and he graciously let me borrow it for my blog to show everyone. It is a wild shot. Almost surreal when you have this image in mind and walk on the beach today,,,, it's vacant,,, not a soul in sight.
PURA VIDA and thank you so much Agustin for giving me the highlights of the events as it progressed during the week. Check out more of Agustin's photography at
Now, everyone have a big, big sigh... they're gone and we have our beach back!!

Check out this reeeeally cool video by Ezequiel Avaro and Agustin Muñoz for Surfos Magazine -

More Videos by Ezequiel Avaro here:

Monday, August 10

The Day After - 2009 ISA World Surfing Games

The party's over.
Before the crack of dawn on the day after, the music was turned back on for a 'one song' wake-up call. The vibrating bass pounding through the still night, waking those left over from the party the night before. Here are some shots of the beach and "the zone" around where I live. Peace has returned and I can hear the birds again.

Ho'omalamalama Pono
"Bring light, love and care to every effort, situation and intention in life"

I got that off BreeWee's blog, it helped me get through this past week and keep a generous heart in all the chaos.

Thanks for comin' Ya'll. It was great and everyone was so nice to each other.

I have lots more photos of the last day I will post soon.

Sunday, August 9

Gridlock to World Surfing Games - Hermosa Costa Rica

My friend, Carol, braved the traffic early Saturday to come out to Hermosa and do a little shopping at the Planeta Aventura they have set up at the surf event. She took these shots trying to get back to Jaco a little before noon. It was over an hour drive. My electrician stopped by to get me out of a jam (the wire on my car alarm came out and totally shut down my car) and he called back, still on the road, to report people walking from Jaco. An incredible sight. This was the pilgrimage to surf land. They cancelled the "Walk for Jesus" pilgrimage to Cartago this year due to swine flu. That didn't stop these people. It was estimated over 25,000 people were here.

Saturday, August 8


About 5 a.m. this morning, I could hear the crowds of people coming. It started getting really packed about 7:30 on the beach. Considering the waves of people I have seen headed towards the beach, it must be "full up" by now,,,, and with the tide coming in, the coastline of spectators will have to steady retreat (compacting the crowd). It's a sight to behold and with it comes so many little stories, I don't know where to begin. It has been a hell of a week and now, it's peaking. The clouds are moving in and the games are in full heat to determine the winner. DRUM ROLL!!!
I hope, pray, it doesn't rain. All hell will break loose then with people trying to leave and most are pretty drunk already. I have NEVER seen this many people in this area for any event, EVER!

USA got the GOLD.
FINAL Team Results:

GOLD - United States – 14910 points

SILVER - France – 13280 points

BRONZE - Australia - 10996 points

COPPER - Hawaii – 10856 points 

Friday, August 7

Day before FINALS - World Surfing Games

Here are a few shots from today. The rain came Wednesday and caused a few delays.
Back on track today and the crowd turned out. NOthing like the crowd coming tomorrow....
Everybody chant - "BLUE SKIES!!! No rain" We had gorgeous weather all today!

Thursday, August 6

Wednesday Rain

I watch some of the long board competition today but no photos. I cherish my telephoto too much to take it out. Beth, the one that brought me my telephoto, sent this to me. The rain has been pretty incredible starting Tuesday afternoon.

Monday, August 3

Day Three - Girl's Day Out

A few photos from today. Two heats, different ends of the beach, same time, starting at 8am, all day...
I stuck with the women today. Sorry about the resolution, I downsized for speed in loading to Slide.

Sunday, August 2

World Surf Games - Costa Rica

Gilbert Brown from COSTA RICA came away today with some pretty high scores... over 9!
Can't find any info on the web.
This photo was taken early yesterday, first day of the tournament... before he went out.
The first shot I took, he was looking a little 'intense', then he flashed a winning smile for the camera.

For those that aren't here, a little slide show of the first day of the surf competitions.

The Heat is ON!!!
Above is the link to the photos I took from a little stroll this morning. They were packed in early on the beach for the competition and it's a beautiful HOT day in Playa Hermosa! Back home, my dogs are amazingly calm with all the activity around here. I, too, am in awe of the masses of people flowing in and out loaded down with tons of beach gear and coolers. I've heard the traffic is blocked all the way to Jaco and cars litter the side of the road from here to there. People are walking miles. All the San Jose parking guys are here making a buck and maintaining some order. You can't believe how people park when left on their own. Jammed in, no way to get out. The Harleys are here in full force, alarms on cars are constantly going off, concerts at night, people cooking food on the side of the street, everyone is selling everything,,,

Yesterday I was out taking surf shots with the telephoto and I will post some photos later but I had to share "the other side". It's a bit overwhelming and truly incredible.
And this is Day 2.