Friday, September 24

NO MORE SPAM and Independence Day for Costa Rica

I spend all my time deleting comments from my blog from those that sell everything you can imagine to directing my readers to sex sites in Japan or WHEREVER.

To my readers, I am working my way back. It took me three days to figure out how to sign back on to Blogger. They have done something and now I can't access my account "at will". Somehow, accidentally, I got back on. Miracle of miracles. Also, my new Hewlett Packard bad ass computer got fried from the power surges. Yes, I have a UPS but obviously ICE has greater power (ICE- our source of electricity).

I'm so far behind, I haven't blogged about all the things that keep happening.

Here's one, I rushed to Jaco to see the Independence Parade and they didn't have it on Jaco strip as usual. It was at some undisclosed location known only to those that were "in the know" or passed by and saw the small precession. Money's tight all over I guess, but judging by other's response, some things we NEED to keep traditional for all to see, LIKE THE PARADE!!

I did get to see the "running of the torch". It brought tears to my eyes and chill bumps seeing these kids run down the highway. VIVA COSTA RICA!!!

Tuesday, September 7

The Old Fashion Way

I love this scene of the oxen pulling the cart of palm nuts with the two dogs following behind. It's sooo Costa Rica. Photo taken around Quepos area yesterday.