Friday, October 31

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween to those that celebrate.
I celebrate the days following Halloween, All Saint's Day, and hope to get some photos of all the beautiful flowers put at the cemeteries on Nov. 2nd.
All Soul's Day is the second of November.

While rereading my post on Halloween two years ago, I noted Google passed the $350 marker in the stock market.
Well,,, "we're (GOOG) back there again".
The STOCK MARKET is surely Trick or Treat these days! Hanging in there...

Wednesday, October 29

Sleeping with a Spider

I recently acquired a macro lens and got this photo of a VERY tiny spider camping out on one of my plants. I think I may have a spider sleeping with me because I wake up every morning with a new bite. I've battled ticks and ants but never spiders,,, yet. Seems they are coming out of the woodwork (that's just an expression, my house is concrete except for the ceiling). I do think it is the season now for the spiders because I have been seeing more and more of them lately. I sure hope it's not the "the kissing bug" (see Chagas pastpost) that has been biting me! Guess I'll never know. I do know my sheets have never been washed so many times in one week! AND I don't hang them on the line outside to dry ever since I read post about the botfly.
And I thought Florida had lots of bugs!

Friday, October 17

Sharp Dressed Car

I just love this car that comes to Jaco!

Rain all over Costa Rica

We all know it rains here during this time of year. Yesterday, it came down hard and fast and the news all over Costa Rica was about flooding. In Jaco, our main grocery downtown closed due to flooding. You would think someone would have a water extraction business here by now but no, the girls were whisking water out of the store with a dust pan. Many people's homes were flooded. That is sad.

Thursday, October 16

RAIN, rain and more Rain

"By the grace of God, I go." I say this too myself alot but ESPECIALLY TODAY. I was borderline late for my monthly women's group meeting and the rain has not let up. I warn people all the time about the mountain road/rain and wash outs but today, I saw it first hand. In fact, it happened right in front of me and it made me thank God, I wasn't passing just seconds earlier.

This shot is my view from the driver's seat when I came up on it.

"Luckily", there was a bus full of workers and they all pitched in and cleared the way so everyone could pass. Gracias a Dios.

Surfer's Dedication

Yesterday, I was on my way to Jaco when I drove past this surfer on his way from Jaco to Hermosa Beach. I was so touch by his devotion to surfing that I turned my car around and drove past him in order to catch this snap shot when he passed. For those that don't live here, the mountain road from Jaco to Hermosa is not easy on a bicycle, even on a sunny day. To attempt it on a stormy day, with a surf board harnessed to the back of a bike, now that's determination. I went on to Jaco and when I returned much later, I saw him again on his way back to Jaco after his surf session.
Such devotion, it moves me.

Tuesday, October 14

Surfer's Finesse

There's always an audience when you're a hot girl on a board. This girl is visiting from Israel and holding her own out there with the guys.

Monday, October 13

Yesterday at the beach

This was Jaco yesterday, up close.

Hermosa Beach yesterday, from a distance.

Future Champion

This is a kid, I'd guess about ten years old and he rocks on Jaco surf.
Their devotion to surfing is incredible, at any age.

Sunday, October 12


October, 2008

Wednesday, October 8


I don't know the correct 'surf lingo' but this guy does...
He's giving the bird (with both hands) to the wall of water coming down on him.

Great session today.

Tuesday, October 7

"You must remember this,,,"

April, 2003 (above photo)
September, 2008 (above photo)
I miss 'old' Jaco sometimes. It was only five years ago.

"Angels In Our Midst" by

Unfortunately, this is a common site around Tarcoles and Jaco, AND all of Costa Rica for that matter.
The McKee Project members in Jaco have stepped up and made tremendous progress with their recent visit to Tarcoles by setting up a temporary clinic for the day to neuter and care of the local dogs. 81 dogs were neutered in one single day!
You can read about it here. Thanks Mike at for such a touching article and all the people who participated in this grand effort to help these dogs.
Especially Trish, who took several trips up the mountain to round up dogs, brought them to Tarcoles so they would not be neglected. She has pups at her home right now ready for adoption. Just contact McKee in Jaco for info. Link is at the site above or here, McKee Project Jaco.

Sunday, October 5

Saturday, October 4

Everybody Surf Now

It was a little hazy and some rain this morning but just awesome anyway.
Click HERE for some more surf photos.
Pura Vida

These guys amaze me. They know how wicked it can be out there and how extremely
cold it gets but they just can't bare to come in when the surf's good.
Rain or shine.

Wednesday, October 1

Surf's UP

You remember Pelingo from previous surf photos. He never fails to perform for the camera.
He's inside that big wave in the above photo. He's awesome.

It seems I'm down at the beach almost everyday walking my dogs but TODAY, I loaded up my camera gear, umbrella, beach chair and took photos of some of my favorite surfers.
Thanks again Peggy for bringing me a beautiful big beach chair from Florida!! I've saved it till now.

Pelingo is on the right and Alberto on the left in the double surfer photo. I've added some more photos from today to my site at (see link on sidebar under "Website Sharing" or CLICK HERE, hit "slideshow" (top right) and then kick back). The guys complained about the waves but they looked GREAT out there from my viewfinder.
Oh, HERE'S Harry. This is local Harry, not Brazil Harry.

Harry, on his long board, caught most of the barrels today.
I've got the fever again so I'm sure many surf photos will follow.....