Monday, June 4

HELLO?? 6.6 and counting......

Maybe we should start getting nervous a little. If you look back in May, which I didn't report not one earthquake, we had loads of activity. About yesterday's rumblings, this is what the institute has to say about the two earthquakes yesterday: "According to USGS event 06:45 pm was M = 6. 2 and P = 9 7 km event 09:15 pm was M = 6. 4 and P = 5 9 km according to EMSC event 06:45 pm was M = 5. 9 and P = 10 km event 09: 15 pm was m = 5. 8 and P = 2 km these differences remind us that the location and magnitude of an earthquake are not easy much less when earthquakes occur offshore, away from stations that can register (that usually will be those that are on the Mainland). Assuming that both events are relatively close each other as evidenced by seismological centres, how to explain that the accelerations of the first were greater than the second? A common thing in both centers is that they report the first event as deeper than the second. In Costa Rica the accelerations of the first were much larger than the second. If the first earthquake was stronger, that makes little sense. However, if the second event was stronger, as suggested by the USGS, but more shallow as evidenced by the two seismic centers, then the reason for the differences in acceleration as marked between the earthquake from 06: 45 pm and 09: 15 pm should be mainly the depth. Indeed, if the second earthquake was stronger, but more shallow, most of their energy is due release very near the epicentral area, therefore, its influence at great distances to which would be our country, would have been necessarily less and would be reflected in lower values of acceleration. The importance of the depth in the area of impact of an earthquake can be understood better with this analogy which had already explained above: (Translated by Bing)" To clarify why it is felt different in various locations, I ripped off this illustration from the University of Costa Rica's website.....

Saturday, June 2

Day One - Month of June opens with some Shakin'

Yes Ma'am!! The first day of June comes with a whole lotta shakin' goin' on!!! Three 3.7 earthquakes occurred at three separate times in this area. The explanation given by the Earthquake Engineering Laboratory yesterday - "The earthquakes are related to the subduction process. The first and third occur at great depth the second not. For that reason, there is no relationship between them rather than being caused by the normal process of collapse of the Cocos plate under the Caribbean" and "Although often the earthquakes that are reported are hereby senses acceleration records are pretty intense at many stations, as here in Guanacaste. Furthermore, its magnitude is not desprecible, which is provided by this type of information." taken from their page on Facebook. It was translated so it may not be the same word for word. You know lately how it takes an earthquake to get me to post, well, I'm happy I read about it cause I did not feel a thing. A big semi truck passes and it sometimes causes the earth to vibrate so who can tell?? This is the report from the University of Costa Rica:
Checking the activity chart for earthquakes, I have a lot to catch up on, the month of May was very active!! The whole Blogger look and layout is totally different since my last post. It will not put in returns and spaces inbetween lines now.....

Friday, March 16

If it weren't for Earthquakes...

guess there'd be no posts at all! Yes, we had another one, well actually, we had TWO! One at midnight and we were the center of that one and another 3.4 mag. early in the morning around 4ish. Didn't even disturb me or my dogs. I so much prefer a bunch a little ones instead of THE BIG ONE.
Go here - and check it out.
Otherwise, blue skies, nice waves, and the sun is shining EVERY DAY!
We need RAIN! Not a drop here in over two months.
If you live in this area, please set out water for the animals. Bananas are cheap, I them out this time of year for the birds and iguanas. They love me.

If you'd like to see the earthquake activity we have had this month so far, go to this site:

"I feel the BIG ONE coming" - Sanford says to Elizabeth as he holds his heart and looks upward (Sanford & Sons)... that's what comes to mind with all these little ones.

Monday, February 13

Use to It

Guess I've gotten use to it... some say it was a 6.1. Happened 4:00 a.m. this morning.
Didn't even phase my dogs...., they use to bark!! I slept through it.

Now that I have discovered how to sign back onto my blog... maybe I'll be back blogging again. Maybe it will take another earthquake.

On a sad note, Goodbye to Whitney Houston, she died day before yesterday, the day before the Grammy Awards. I heard the news yesterday morning but I didn't let it sink in until her song was sang on the Grammy's - I Will Always Love You. The tears began to flow. I always thought she'd have a grand come back. R.I.P. now. I will always love you.