Sunday, September 27

Sunset on Sunday

that's right.....I've been studing Photoshop. Correcting exposure is fairly simple, it's the watermark that has taken hours to figure out. Now, onto borders............

Saturday, September 26

Got Wood?

I couldn't resist posting this snapshot of a house I photographed while driving lost in Escazu a couple of weeks back. I took this photo as I was passing in traffic so no time to frame it up. It appears this guy cannot even get in his front door due to all the generous donations of wood.
The sign reads "No Mas Madera Gracias", translated "No More Wood Thanks".
Funny stuff.

Friday, September 25

Darling Ducklings

I now know what kind of duck this is, Black-bellied Whistling Duck with a pink bill and feet (thanks Carol A. for info). I had thought there was only one duckling but when I returned home yesterday, I let out two dogs and Macha found the whole flock of ducklings hovering in the corner of the yard, under the lemon tree and banana trees. It was a yellow and black blur of little fur bodies scrambling to get through the fence to the other side AWAY from Macha. Unfortunately, Macha is just too quick and already had one in her mouth. I rescued it from Macha's jaws but it died in my hands. The rest of the bunch hurried off into the tall grass. I spent the rest of the afternoon searching for them with a bucket in hand. I wanted to collect them and take them to the river but I never found them. Not being able to find them is pretty incredible since the chicks are brightly colored yellow with black spots and there were about 10 of them traveling in a huddle.

Late last night, I kept hearing a bird calling, for hours. The birds are quiet at night. It sounded like a toucan but with more lift and flurry. I was told this type of duck whistle when they take off (hence the name). As I tried to go to sleep, listening to this weary call over and over, I couldn't help but wonder if the mother was calling out for her lost duckling (the one Macha killed). I wondered if all the flock was in a safe place and if she ventured out away from the others to call to her missing duckling as not to endanger the others. There are many hawks in the area.
Life is a challenge in the jungle. It really is survival of the fittest and the strongest (and smartest).

Thursday, September 24

The Dotted Duckling

For all those that have kept up with my blog, you know I love nature and animals, especially all the living things around my house. These are my favorite subjects. This morning I looked out and a duck flew into my yard. I know they use the tall palm in my yard for nesting so I looked around for her ducklings. In the past, I have seen as many as ten little ducklings fall 30 feet (about 10 meters) from that palm tree and in a straight line, they follow their mom to the river. Those days were BEFORE the fence. I watched to see how she was going to get her one and only duckling pass the fence. The duckling dodge in and out of the chain link fence but the mom was blocked by her size and would not fly over so I went out and opened the gate for them. Momma Duck waddled pass me and ushered her little duckling into the free world. I was so thankful I found them before the dogs did. I'll keep watching for more ducklings.
She looked as though she paused to say "Thanks Macha" and waddled out with her one precious follower.

Sunday, September 20

Church on Sunday

Church in San Mateo, March, 2006
September, 2009
Recently, I made a trip to San Jose to renew my residency and on the way back I got a great surprise. The church in San Mateo has been under renovation for a long time. It was late so I couldn't stop and go inside but looking through the front doors, it looks beautiful inside as well. I'll have to return and take my time.

"Church on Sunday" is in remembrance of my mother.

Friday, September 4

The Last Frontier

Around these parts, I consider the vacant coastline down around the pig farm and out at Tulin ("Four Corners"), the last frontier. They tore down the deserted concrete buildings that have been out there for years. Guess, those people believed that electric/water was coming WAY OUT THERE. Well, from what I hear, it is NOW. Rumor has it, a wealthy guy from Pakistan bought all of that property and it is slated for construction of a housing development of 400-600 houses. Us good people here in Hermosa can thank this guy for improving our water system (so I hear). We are getting a huge water filtration system plus all the bells and whistles! I'd prefer to live with the dirty Hermosa water (after it rains) and keep Hermosa Beach just like it is, thank you. Progress sucks sometimes.

This is my water after a big rain. So you see, picking this water over the construction of housing that will bring us better water, is saying a whole lot!!

Post note: Seems Playlist (TeriTunes) is on a permanent blink. I cannot edit songs or play them on my end so I'll probably delete it. If you want to hear some music, Southern Rock, go here.

Thursday, September 3

Pura Vida - I learn from my dogs

Check out this past post:
I blogged about this way before Cesar Millan taught me that "dogs live in the moment". His show has been a gift to me and my dogs and I so much appreciate everything I have learned. Thank you Cesar and Melissa Jo (and others) for bringing dog education to humans.
This is my most favorite thing, to walk my dogs and watch them enjoying themselves. Never underestimate the power of the walk!! They are almost cured of fighting. No fighting for months now!! These are the two sister dogs that used to fight, running on the beach, loving life!

This is my Macha, looking down the beach to see if there is another dog to chase. Bad Macha!! Can't break her of that one,,, but I'm working on it. She chased a horse on the beach that day and ruined our little photo session!

Tuesday, September 1

Farewell Brandon

Here's wishing you a happy life and hoping you find your way back to Costa Rica one day. Pura Vida.

Leap Frog

Every night, at dog feeding time, the toads come out for their share. These photos were at dark with a cheap camera. I'll have to feed the dogs earlier to catch the show with a better camera. The frogs fight over the food. They actually bite at each other (I've witnessed this) or in these photos, climb on top to prevent the other from eating. This pinned frog got some food anyway!! It's hilarious to watch! The dogs don't even steal their food. It's all about R-E-S-P-E-C-T! ("Rules, Boundaries, and Limitations" - Cesar Millan)

(just another one of my frog blogs)