Sunday, August 31

Saturday, August 30

It's a Parrot Party!!!

Photo taken around noon out my back door. I never get tired of their loud squawking.
I've been hearing them all week. They are feasting on the green almonds.

Friday, August 29

The Tale of Dos Pinos Milk Carton

Dos Pinos (Two Pines) is a big operation here supplying us with milk, juice, ice cream and assorted products. Their building can be seen on the way to the airport on the main pista. I'm always flying by in my car so the photos I have are blurred and buried in my picture files.

I have noticed that they keep flipping back and forth on the opening for the milk carton and was wondering why? Milk sold in these cartons does not need refrigeration until they are opened. Wonder why on this one too! Notice one side is in Spanish and the other in English.

The first time I was asked to opening one of these cartons without the spout, I opened it like you would a box. I didn't know the correct way was to lift the corner and cut it for a spout. I caught on quick and then they changed it. Now, they've changed it back to the old opening. Just something I ponder over.

Thursday, August 28

Herradura Bay

Did you know Herradura means horseshoe in Spanish? I thought I'd post some photos I took the other day of Herradura Bay. Herradura is about five minutes west (or north as the locals say) of Jaco. As of yet, there is no construction on the beachfront of Herradura and things look basically like they have for years, except for the development of Los Sueños at the west end of Herradura. I am still waiting for someone to build a boat ramp there so people can launch their boats and jet skis. One day...... Right now, fishermen just anchor off in the bay and this is where you go to find a boat taxi to get to Escondido beach (hidden, private beach) or get better rates for fishing trips since these fishing boats do not pay the high docking fees charged at Los Sueños. Make sure you check the boat though for equipment before heading out miles off shore. GPS is nice, so are life jackets!

Before I moved to Costa Rica, I longed to see anything from here. These photos are for those people.

Wednesday, August 27

Meet Rosco - Street Dog

Rosco looks happy now but about two weeks ago, he was almost killed.... by my dogs.
My Brindy (mother to the three other dogs I have) has been in heat and this attracted Rosco to squeeze through my gate to pay her a visit (Rosco is neutered but that doesn't make a difference). Brindy has had the operation to be spayed but she was too fat so it wasn't completed. This dog has circulated my neighborhood for a couple of months and I assumed he belonged to someone around here. I was upstairs when I hear this horrible yelping. I flew down the stairs to find both Max and Brindy pulling him from limb to limb. When I opened the door, Macha quickly joined in the pack. I got my dogs off of him and the poor pup ran back to the barn where he's been hanging out. I went over to check his injuries and loaded him up in my car to go to the vet. The injuries were mainly puncture wounds so Dr. Jose Manual, who has cared for my dogs for years, gave him some shots and the antibiotics/anti-inflammatory pills for his recovery.

I know I can't take him back where he's been staying after talking with the owner. He is not wanted there, only tolerated. He needs his meds for five days so I call my friend Mike ( and he arranges for his son, Evan, and girlfriend, Joey, to care for the dog in their home while he recovers.

Poor thing, he really didn't know what was happening but was happy to find himself inside someone's home and took to the tile floor covered with a towel immediately. He seemed grateful to be where someone cares and he was very happy to receive love.

The couple and Mike needed to leave for their 72 hours out of the country so I was panicking, where to take the dog now? Not to my house since my dogs won't allow it. My friend Angela has a home with a fenced yard and offered to keep him for the three days.

So, I go to the couple's home to pick up the dog to take to Angela's and he is nervous about going with me. After all, I probably smell like the bad dogs that attacked him. We (me and Rosco) go to Jaco to pick up Angela and to go to her house. It wasn't two minutes after we arrived, the dog found a way out of her fence through the gate,,, and he was GONE. In my custody for less than an hour and I've lost him. I was in a panic because it was getting dark and starting to rain. I took off in flip-flops, looking for him and finally found him way back in the woods (read jungle). When he saw me, he just went deeper in the wet jungle and was out of sight in seconds. I didn't know what to do so I called Mike to let him know that the dog had gotten out and was lost in the woods. They were to leave the next day for their trip and it was really raining by now.

It was less than an hour when I got a call from Mike that Rosco had arrived at their home and made himself known by scratching on their front door. If they had any doubts about adopting Rosco, this courageous journey through the woods in the dark and rain, confirmed their decision. Rosco had adopted them.

I went back and this time, took Mike and Joey with Rosco back to Angela's and brought with me some wiring to secure the front gate so he couldn't escape again. The three days went by fast under Angela's loving care and when they returned from their trip, Rosco was waiting and greeted them as if he had been their pet all his life. (He's still not sure about me)

The love of a homeless dog has no comparison. I am ashame of my dogs and their action but had it not happened like it did, I feel Rosco would have been killed by the heavy traffic on the street where he had been staying. Things work out the way they do for a reason. Thank you Mike, Joey, Evan and Angela for opening your heart and home to a lost, helpless street dog just looking for love.

Tuesday, August 26

Primary Colors in Flight

These Scarlet Macaws come around my house everyday. You'd think by now I would have a good photo of them in flight. I am on a mission now to get a really good shot after having taken my snapshot of them today. They are magnificent in flight. Photos taken this morning.

Getting your Ducks in a Row

Maybe these are geese? Photo taken this morning of my palm tree.
I have fallen so far behind in my blog that I felt I must post something, anything. Life here can get very busy just treading water, you know what I mean if you live here. The rainy season is here. It just arrived overnight about a month ago. My grass continues to grow and I continue to search for a yard guy. I'm not ready to put back on the boots and push that thing around my yard (see past post - Meet the New Jose). Therefore, the grass is high and the ticks are abundant (post - Louse in my House). Snakes, too, for that matter but I haven't seen one. That's why it's a necessity to keep the grass short. The hibiscus hedge, well it is totally out of control, towering about 15 foot up in the sky. The iguanas love it. The alamendra (almond) tree sheds it's huge leaves daily.

We had a 'blowing rain' yesterday. I've blogged before about the rain here. In fact, that's why I started this blog. Boredom. During the rainy season. Just type in "rain" on the search in the upper left and you'll see, I mention it often. During the rain yesterday, I watched my tall palm tree sway. It made me nervous. A few people have told me that it needs cutting down but it is a sanctuary and nesting home for many types of birds. They nest in cycles and I've lived here long enough to expect their arrival. The ducks come after the Sonatas and then the green little Loras (parrots). I lament over chopping it down.

Before the fence, the ducklings dropped one by one (10 of them) from that tall palm and followed their parents over to the river. It was such a site, about 5:30 in the morning. Now, I have a fence and I am wondering how are they going to orchestrate getting through it. I have to be careful when letting out my dogs in the mornings, just in case.

Which brings me to something that happened recently. My dogs catching something inside the fence. I wasn't going to blog about it but the story has such a happy ending, I just have to share it. Stay tuned. In the meantime, if you haven't looked back on my blog, just do that when you visit and I haven't posted anything. Type something in the search box (upper left) and surely, something will come up. Make it fun.

Back to life in Costa Rica. Much to do but I will get back with the story about a street dog and him finding a loving home. Pura Vida.

Wednesday, August 20


Unfortunately, this is a common sight in Costa Rica, starving dogs. There are many reasons why dogs end up in this shape but mostly it is the neglect of the owners. It is common when someone no longer wants a dog, they simply dump it in another neighborhood for the dog to fend for itself. The photo above illustrates what happens. They end up sick and diseased. This particular dog found himself being fed at a restaurant.

The reason for this post is to bring an awareness to all that there is something you can do to help. We have a local group here in Jaco that spans to the surrounding areas helping animals in need. Our local group is a branch of the McKee Project. Monthly, they spay and neuter animals and provide medical assistance. They also rescue animals that have been injured and provide care for them through the clinic. Of course, you can send in donations, the information is on their site at They are always in need of volunteers that are willing to foster a dog or cat in their home until a permanent home can be found.

In the years I have lived here, my good friend Trish Johnson has taken in her home many homeless dogs and nursed them back to good health. She has provided care for hundreds of dogs in the six years she has lived in Jaco. I can hardly recognized the dogs from their "before" condition after they have been treated for skin problems, starvation, disease, and they are living in good health and a good environment. It is amazing the transformation that occurs over time when a dog is loved and care is given. "Trish" does this on an ongoing basis and it is never ending. Her efforts are rewarded by the love and affection these special dogs give when they receive love and attention ...and a deserving home. They make the most devoted pets.

I am hoping this article brings to light an on-going problem here. Jaco streets used to be filled with wandering, starving dogs. The McKee Project has made great strides in helping with this problem but your help is needed. Please check out the site for the McKee organization for all of Costa Rica at or you can visit our local chapter here at
For more information, you can call Patrica "Trish" Johnson at 2643-1162 and she can give you specifics on how you can contribute to help these poor, defenseless animals. Thank you.

This photo was taken after his meal of french fries and a hamburger.

Tuesday, August 12

Sensitive Plant

The real name is Mimosa Pudica for this plant. It is one of the most fascinating plants I have seen here. In Florida, we have fly-catcher plants that close up when a fly lands on it but these "sensitive plants" close when touched, the temperature changes, or the sun goes down. That is known as seismonastic or nyctinastic movement according to Wikipedia. I think the birds brought this plant to my house as a seed.
When you touch these plants, their response is instantaneous. The leaves collapse on each other in a nano-second in the area touched. Quite amazing. After a short time, they will start unfolding and open up again. It closes with the sun going down and opens again each morning with the sunrise. The mature plant also has blooms. My plant hasn't bloomed yet. They have prickly leaves so you don't want to step on them barefooted.
Just thought I'd share some of the incredible works of nature right here in my own yard.
For more information, click on this site:
Left photo: Now you see it...
Right photo: Now you don't!
A plant with a disguise.
Nature can be very clever.

Click onto photo to enlarge.
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Other links sent in by readers: and (see comments)

Thursday, August 7

A Horse of a Different Color

This is one of my favorite photos, taken on a country backroad, long ago (5/16/04 3:15 p.m. to be exact).
I know I have posted a photo similar to this one on my blog before but I must have not written anything, I just posted a photo because when I do a search for "horse", it doesn't come up.
That search on Blogger is AMAZING, and fast. Try it, upper left corner. It's fun.
See you in a few days........

Look at the Birdie

On this particular day (Nov. 3, 2004 at 5:13 p.m.), this almond tree was lit up like a Costa Rica Christmas tree with all the Red Scarlet Macaws (Lapas) that came to dine on the nuts. What a sight that was.
Sometimes, I just put up a picture that flashes on my screen saver. I forget just how many photos I have.

Car Essentials in Costa Rica

Recently, I have been cleaning out my car of all the dog hair and sand and I noticed all the little things I have squirreled away. It's been a gradual process of stashing things and I thought I'd share some of my car's contents. Things I need to have traveling around in Costa Rica. Some things are mandatory and others are just for comfort or necessity. I'm sure if you have children, your list is much longer. I didn't include the doggy stuff I keep in the car. I'd be interested what others might add to my list of items.

Here it is:

Car I.D. (papers) and two triangle road reflectors (must have), jumper cables, fire extinguisher, towels, coolie cups, machete, fillet knife (inside driver door), crow bar, rubber boots (for walking), cut garden hose (syphon gas - gas stations are few and far between), compass, maps, roll of toilet paper, lucky charm (in photo), bug spray, kite (you just never know), good spare tire and jack, fluids (brake, oil, battery water, whatever you car drinks), jug of water, coins for tipping security guys, back-up reading glasses (for maps, phones, etc.), phone card (pay phones don't take coins), umbrella, hooded plastic rain coat, spare key to car door (magnetic holder, no AAA here), bottle opener and travel corkscrew, first aid kit (not to self, get one), and flashlight.
I'm sure I left out stuff but you get the idea. Being prepared is the key here.
You're on Your Own - Yo-Yo

Monday, August 4

Good Monday Morning

Blogger seems to be on the fritz again. I saved the photo above in the correct position (4 times) and Blogger keeps putting it up sideways. ??works, doesn't work.

Good morning all, I just wanted to hang some flower buds from my garden on my blog for you to start your week off right (or sideways as the case may be).

There, fixed it!! Blogger can be tricky!

Sunday, August 3

Sunset Sunday

The sun setting on Playa Hermosa, 2003

If you would like to use any of the photos you see here on 'Yo-Yo', just write to me and ask permission ( If you would like to find something in particular, just go to the search in the upper left corner and type in what you are looking for. If I've written about it, it will surely come up. Pura Vida.

"Walk for Jesus"

People all across Costa Rica started their walk on Friday evening or even long before if they live far away from Cartago. This is an annual celebration for Costa Rica's honored Patron Saint, "La Negrita" on August 2nd. The walk culminates at the Basilica de Los Angeles in Cartago. I've heard people refer to this walk as the "Walk for Jesus" so that's what I'm calling it. Actually, they walk to the Basilica in Cartago to ask for healing in their life from the honored Saint, La Negrita (black Madonna).
This one parade streamed by my house late Friday afternoon going in the direction of Quepos (?), far from Cartago. It was surprising that most people were NOT smiling. Next year, maybe I'll stand out there with refreshments. Bet they'll smile then!
For more info, check out this link:,_Costa_Rica

The photo to the left was taken off my t.v. during the news hour. It's shows the Basilica in Cartago all lit up in the background. This is a big deal here with thousands participating every year.

Although channel 7 news is entirely in Spanish, I understood the security was really tight and security cameras and staff were everywhere. I bet that's fairly new. It's a shame security is a big issue here now but Costa Rica is doing a great job of protecting it's people.

FYI - I turned off the music on my blog. The hell-raising, "Te South's gunna rise again" lyrics of Bocephus just didn't fit this reverant post for now. I'll bring it back later.

Saturday, August 2

Blog Blocked

Saturday morning:
For some unknown reason, Blogger gives me a Error message when I click onto it.
I still sign on using my yahoo account... is that why I get this message?
Blogger just does Google now? Sorry folks.
"Walking for Jesus" post is coming soon.

Saturday afternoon:
Seems to be working fine now. Works, doesn't work. Just like here!
I've been enjoying our beautiful weather here and walking dogs so I'll get
back to blogging later now that Blogger is back up working.

Pura Vida, Teri

Friday, August 1


The following was sent to me by a YO-YO reader. He was born in Costa Rica but chose to live these past 44 years in the United States (Texas). Judging from his travels, he probably knows the U.S.A better than I do!

Everyone is in a hurry to scream 'Racism' these days!

A man walks up and asks a clerk, 'In what aisle could I find the Polish sausage?'

The clerk looks at him and says, 'Are you Polish?'

The guy (clearly offended) says, 'Well, yes I am. But let me ask you something. If I had asked for Italian sausage would you ask me if I was Italian? Or if I had asked for German bratwurst, would you ask me if I was German? Or if I asked for a kosher hot dog would you ask me if I was Jewish? Or if I had asked for a Taco would you ask if I was Mexican? Would you? Would you?'

The clerk says, 'Well, no!'

'If I asked for some Irish whiskey, would you ask if I was Irish?'

'Well, I probably wouldn't!'

With deep self-righteous indignation, the guy says, 'Well then, why did you ask me if I'm Polish because I asked for Polish sausage?'

The clerk replies, 'Because you are in Home Depot'

Just thought I'd lighten up the topic of my next post on the Rebel flag.
Just so you know, the Rebel flag has NOTHING to do with racism (for me).

BTW - Today is my sister's birthday.....
Now there's a rebel girl for ya!! Yee-ha!! It's Friday AND her birthday,
you cowboys better watch out down there in S.W. Florida!