Friday, March 16

If it weren't for Earthquakes...

guess there'd be no posts at all! Yes, we had another one, well actually, we had TWO! One at midnight and we were the center of that one and another 3.4 mag. early in the morning around 4ish. Didn't even disturb me or my dogs. I so much prefer a bunch a little ones instead of THE BIG ONE.
Go here - and check it out.
Otherwise, blue skies, nice waves, and the sun is shining EVERY DAY!
We need RAIN! Not a drop here in over two months.
If you live in this area, please set out water for the animals. Bananas are cheap, I them out this time of year for the birds and iguanas. They love me.

If you'd like to see the earthquake activity we have had this month so far, go to this site:

"I feel the BIG ONE coming" - Sanford says to Elizabeth as he holds his heart and looks upward (Sanford & Sons)... that's what comes to mind with all these little ones.