Wednesday, April 13

Update - Delusional Illusions

This photo was taken on Week One. Armel was training Max with his dog, Mia so I had to use a telephoto so Max would not know I was there. At this stage of the training, Max would become aggressive to Mia when I was present.
Now, it's all different. We can walk as a pack and they allow Mia on their property.

Just wanted to give you an update on my dog situation. Momma Brindy passed away in August and Max, Mela, and Macha have been jousting for the "Top Dog" status. Neither won, in fact, I am happy to report I did. It has been a struggle until recently, when I met Armel and his well-mannered female pit bull, Mia. They have transformed our lives. After three weeks of Armel and Mia working with my dogs on the beach, one by one, two by two, and then all three, I am proud to announce that this week
WE began walking ALL THE DOGS on the beach together!!! It's a miracle!! No, it's hard work and Armel had the patience to see my dogs through their bad behavior and take them through their aggressive actions to other dogs to a place where they can calmly walk pass the other dogs. I am still very nervous and try to keep positive thoughts when we pass pit bulls off leash that are big enough to kill my Macha with one bite. I owe it all to Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer. Here, he is known as El Encantador de Perror. Without Cesar's books and DVDs,watching Cesar every night, sometimes twice, I don't think I would have progressed this far. In fact, my dogs probably would have ended up killing each other at the rate they were going. Armel helped reinforce Cesar's Way of training. Mia, his dog, set a fine example of how a balanced dog should be. Together, they have been a God send and I feel blessed my prayer was answered.

I want to give a huge thank you (and huge) to Melissa Jo, Cesar, Armel, and of course, Miss Mia. I couldn't have done it without you. "It takes a village to raise a well balanced dog."

Here is one of my past experiences from 2007:

Delusional Illusions

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"Peace and Harmony", it's just an illusion.
Here I was concerned about my dogs fighting with other dogs. This morning I had the biggest dog fight I have ever seen and it was between my own two dogs! Mela (the very meek one that gets picked on by Max, the bully) ATTACKED Macha (my precious one). I heard the screaming and before I could get out to them, Mela had already drawn blood and it was everywhere. Especially all over Macha's face and Mela's mouth.
I was toally horrified.

I got the bleeding to stop and called the vet. He wouldn't be in for another hour so I calmed my Macha and tried to keep pressure on the wounds around her eyes.
What do parents do when they have grown boys that fight with each other, with fists? This was a knock-down brawl between my two sweetest dogs.(?) The other two, which I consider the Alphas and are more ficious, stayed out of fight.
What to do...
There are always solutions, compromises, or whatever and I am working on finding them.
Peace and Pura Vida.
The above posted by TICA MACHA on Tuesday, February 06, 2007
If you search my blog, you will see this has been an ongoing battle for years.
Here is the almost last fight: The Final Bloody Battle.
I can finally see the light!!! NO MORE FIGHTS!
To Cesar - We STILL need you to come to Costa Rica, specifically, Playa Hermosa near Jaco. We have lodging for you and your crew ready and waiting!!!
Bring Junior!!